Why Do Security Firms Use Inspection Mirrors

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Plant machinery and other large pieces of equipment need to be inspected in order to make sure that they can be properly maintained and meet safety standards.

Sometimes a quick visual check is enough to suffice. Risk assessments can determine how often a piece of equipment should be inspected. Plant machinery is carefully checked as faults can lead to serious safety issues. A cracked boom repair would for example be very expensive to repair and could also lead to a catastrophic failure which could seriously injure somebody. Although it is not generally possible to see inside an engine, a serious leak can be detected from a minor leak and potential problems assessed by a plant inspector. Portable inspection mirrors are ideal for viewing large pieces of equipment where the human eye cannot reach.

Why Security Firms Use Portable Security Inspection Mirrors

Security guards, the army, police departments and anti-bomb squads all make use of portable security inspection mirrors in order to perform a search and inspection on the underside of vehicles, and other hard-to-see areas. Security is an increasing requirement in all areas of government and in business. Security professionals could be looking for concealed explosives, weapons, or quantities of drugs. The mirrors are made of durable materials and are designed to provide visual access at many different angles, making it easy to see hard to reach places. A wide range of pole activity makes these mirrors easy to adjust so that various points of view can be seen. They can be helpful for looking under tables, chairs and vehicles and any other objects that require bending down in order to properly search. They are also ideal for cabinets or for the ceiling, offering a convenient alternative to climbing. Supplied with a flashlight, they can help you search the target object even in poor light. Portable Security Inspection Mirrors are ideal for inspecting difficult and dangerous areas and are ideal for everyday use in production areas, police stations, hospitals and for port security.

Portable Security Inspection Mirrors in Retail Outlets

Portable security inspection mirrors are used to search vehicles like aircraft and ships as well as buildings. In retail outlets, mirrors allow security staff to monitor aisles and high risk areas that thieves many target. Simply having mirrors in place can be an effective deterrent to thieves. They are much cheaper to install than CCTV systems and can be a useful tool in fighting crime.  Virtually unbreakable, they eliminate blind spots in shops and other retail outlets allowing you to keep an eye on the behaviour of your customers, and to deter potential shoplifters. They also allow you to monitor activity at the cash tills. Dome shaped mirrors are especially suitable for shops as they allow a very wide range of vision. They can either be fitted to a ceiling or suspended by chains. Simple and easy to deploy, the are ideal for any company looking for a security solution and are often used in banking halls, reception areas and other similar places.