Top 5 Site Boxes

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For tradesmen, tools are an essential part of their daily working life. Whilst these tools can be extremely valuable in monetary terms, the loss of them could also have a big impact on a tradesman’s ability to get jobs completed on time. According to Simply Business, tool thieves in the UK are becoming more sophisticated, meaning there is a bigger urgency to have extra security measures in place.

Site boxes are the perfect solution to keeping tools safe and secure on site or even in vehicles where they are often left overnight. They offer convenient storage for a whole range of tools with added peace of mind that items will be kept out of the hands of thieves.

We’ve selected our top 5 site boxes for maximum tool protection:

1. Best value vehicle storage box

The Armorgard Oxbox OX1 The Armorgard Oxbox OX1 Tool Box is the best value for money vehicle security storage box. Armorgard prides themselves in developing durable and innovative security storage and the OX1 is no exception. The box comes fitted with an anti-pick and anti-drill disk lock, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your tools will be kept safe and protected against theft even overnight. Features:
  • Hghly effective anti-pick and anti-drill disk lock
  • Reinforced fitting points
  • Tough sheet steel construction and fully phosphated anti-corrosion protection
  • Comfort grip handles
  • Lid stay system - slotted catch to keep the lid open when in use
  • Gas struts - arresting support arms to ensure a soft open and close lid action
  • Great for a storing a range of tools from power tools to hammers

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2. Most secure site box

Armorgard StrongBank SB1 Van Box The Armorgard StrongBank has been designed to be the toughest site box on the market. Offering ultimate protection, this site box has a heavy-duty construction and all vulnerable areas have been strengthened further. The box comes fitted with five-lever deadlocks with anti-drill plates on both sides. Features:
  • 3mm steel throughout
  • Fully welded anti-jemmy protection
  • Every vulnerable area has been strengthened even more
  • Anti-drill plates on both sides of the deadlocks and anti-cut rollers in the deadbolt
  • 3 robust brass keys
  • Extra reinforcing around locks to prevent drilling
  • Welded on serial numbers for overnight key replacement
  • Gas struts to assist with lid opening & closing
  • Heavy duty fully welded hinge
  • Internal lid support stay

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3. Best site box for larger tools

Armorgard Tuffbank TBC4 Site Chest  The Armorgard Tuffbank Site Chest is the ultimate site box for larger tools. It has been constructed with a 3mm steel lid and 2 mm steel body, meaning extra protection against thieves. The chest is secured by two five-lever reinforced deadlocks. It’s the perfect site box for all trades and can keep larger products such as saws, spades, and strimmers protected at all times. Features:
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Fully welded anti-jemmy protection
  • 5 lever deadlocks with anti-drill plates on both sides and anti-cut rollers in the deadbolt
  • 3 robust brass keys
  • Extra reinforcing around locks to prevent drilling
  • Welded on serial numbers
  • Gas struts to assist with lid opening & closing
  • Heavy duty fully welded hinge
  • Internal lid support stay

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4. Best mobile site box

Armorgard FC3 FittingStore Mobile Heavy-Duty Storage Cabinet  The Armorgard FC3 FittingStore is a fully welded cabinet with a double door for easy access, featuring heavy-duty fixed shelves and plastic lift out bins for handy storage. This site box is ideal for electricians and plumbers especially and is perfect for securing expensive copper fittings and electrical items that you may have on site. Features:
  • Heavy-duty welded construction with reinforced doors
  • Two 5 lever deadlocks for security
  • Three reinforced adjustable steel shelves
  • Fifteen lift-out plastic fittings bins supplied
  • Fitted with 4 heavy duty industrial castors
  • Recessed handles which make it easier to manoeuvre

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 5. Best multi-functional site box

Armorgard SiteStation SS2  The Armorgard SiteStation is the perfect choice of site box for site supervisors. Not only is it a great and secure storage box, but it also turns in to a handy fold-out workspace. The SiteStation features two main compartments for keeping valuable equipment safe and secure. The upper section has two shelves for storage plus a folding slanted workstation ideal for displaying any documents and plans. The lower section is ideal for storing larger items that still need to be easily accessible. Features:
  • Both upper and lower compartments are secured with a two-point tamper-proof locking system
  • Door pockets for extra storage
  • Serial numbered for replacement keys
  • Robust fork-lift skids with pre-drilled holes for castors
  • Gas struts on both sides of the top compartment
  • Optional quick-fit heavy-duty 6" castor set and internal light

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