Top 5 Locations for a Safety Mirror

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Convex security mirrors can be used in many locations for many functions. Finding the right spot for a convex mirror can be a cheap way to increase security.

Even in a high tech world with all types  of security devices and expensive systems, sometimes the simplest option works the best. A convex security mirror is a heavily used security measure that can cut down on both accidents and theft. However, each location may have different security goals and these goals should influence the exact spot you chose to place your mirror. There are several different venues that can benefit from the increased visibility of a convex security mirror, including:

  • Your home garage or driveway. A convex mirror can help you avoid accidents while getting in and out of low visibility areas.
  • Both public and personal swimming pools are a great place for a convex mirror, especially if children are present.
  • Warehouses and other places where they may be heavy machinery. A security mirror is a great way to cut down on workplace accidents.
  • Traffic safety mirrors are often used for drivers to check their blind spots for other vehicles or bicyclists.
  • You can also put a small blind spot mirror directly onto your vehicle to check your blind spot regularly.

Home Garages and Driveways

Pulling in and out of driveways and garages can be difficult especially if you are dealing with a narrow passage.  A convex mirror in a garage will let you see exactly where you are in relation to objects around you. If a fence or a shrub blocks your view of the street, place a mirror on a pole and point it at the opposite side of oncoming traffic. Then you will be able to see around obstructions.

Home and Public Pools

A pool is another place that potential accidents can occur, specifically if small children are in or near it. Public pools often have these installed in a high location so that lifeguards and parents can survey the whole pool. You can do the same thing for your own personal pool. Place it high on a tree, a pole or on the side of a building to give yourself a complete view. If any accident occurs you will see it and be able to act quickly.

A Warehouse or Worksite

A warehouse often has high aisles and sharp corners, plus heavy machinery is often used. This combination is a recipe for accidents if the proper precautions aren’t taken. To avoid workplace injuries you can put a large industrial convex mirror high on a wall or on a particularly treacherous corner.

Busy Intersections and Bike Trails

If you drive around major cities like London or Manchester you will probably notice these convex mirrors on street corners and on lamp posts. These increase visibility around intersections to decrease the risk of accidents. They are often mounted on traffic light poles and pointed at bike lanes. This helps drivers look for oncoming bicyclists as they are making a turn.

Car Blind Spot Mirrors

Streetwise drivers often have mirrors covering all of their blind spots while driving, a small blind spot mirror mounted on your dash or on the rear view mirror can give you a good look into spots that would typically require you to turn your head.

A convex mirror has a variety of uses for a variety of locations. Look at the places you could use some extra security and look for ideal locations like the ones noted above.