Why Security Cabinets Protect Businesses

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With opportunistic thieves targeting homes and offices that contain valuable goods, it’s imperative that businesses tighten up their security measures. Having up to date security procedures at entry and exit points for a building may deter potential thieves, who are likely to take advantage of unattended reception areas or faulty fire doors in order to gain access to properties rather than to attempt entering buildings where an access code is required. Using signage to indicate that you have a security system in place can also help to deter thieves from entering. Thieves will usually look for high value items that they can sell on, like laptop computers, mobile phones and other electronic equipment. Encourage staff not to leave cash or valuables in the office overnight but to take these items home with them. A burglar may simply follow a legitimate staff member into a building through the open door. It’s important for all staff to be prepared to challenge anyone who is not wearing identification, in order that only authorised persons are given entry inside the premises.

Look Inside Your Company

Bear in mind that an office thief doesn’t necessarily need to break in. Theft in the workplace is increasing, and according to a survey by CNN, it’s the cause of failure in one in three businesses. From desperate employees to cleaning staff, the profile of an office thief can vary widely. With the economic situation meaning money is tight for many people, those who are struggling to make ends meet might resort to theft. According to a survey carried out by the Chamber of Commerce in the US, 75% of all employees steal from their place of work – most of them not just once but repeatedly. The first step you can take is to make sure you perform background checks on your staff before you hire them, and more often in high-risk businesses. Then do a security audit on your building and examine any weaknesses, finding ways to maximise your security. Ask staff to report any problems with broken locks or windows that don’t close properly immediately, so that you can have them fixed. It’s too easy to assume that someone else will have reported the problem. Consider installing some form of CCTV. Video surveillance systems are proven to have a psychological impact on staff and to act as an effective deterrent to crime in the workplace.

Protect Large Valuables

If you have large items of value, your insurance company may insist that you lock these items away in a secure cabinet. Security cabinets are designed to store large valuables and many also offer good fire protection for your valuables, preventing them from being destroyed if subject to high temperatures. They are ideal for bulky items that may be prone to theft like valuable power tools, large quantities of cigarettes or sensitive documents like exam papers. Security cabinets come in a range of sizes to suit a range of budgets for all sizes of office.