How To Use Your Home Jewellery Safe

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Jewellery safes provide your valuables with secure and convenient security. Unlike traditional jewellery boxes and other sorts of storage containers that are kept in plain view on your dresser or commode, a home jewellery safe provides the level of protection that you can place your trust in. If your concerns are more slanted towards preservation, a home jewellery safe can also appease those worries. High quality safes have a few characteristics which are of utmost importance for preservation including air-tight locking chambers, and built in shelving to avoid internal damage. Do You Have Adequate Storage? When shopping for a safe, the first point to take into consideration is the size you require. To get an accurate representation of the size you’ll need, gather all your jewellery and measure the space it takes up. If your budget permits, select a size up to twice this amount since you may acquire more valuables in the future. Once you’ve narrowed down the size you need, you’ll have to select a suitable spot for the safe to be place. The most secure safes are bolted to the foundation of a home or placed in a wall compartment. Coupled with a top of the line locking mechanism, you’re practically guaranteed peace of mind. Weigh Down Burglars and Thieves  If your home is not equipped for this type of placement, then make sure the safe has some weight behind it to discourage burglars from grabbing it and bolting. The Sentry X055 Electronic Security Safe is ideal for securing smaller valuable including jewellery, small laptops, and important documents. It has a carpeted floor to prevent scratching and delicate jewellery and a limit of £1,000 for cash and £10,000 for valuables.The black finish is sleek and easily concealable. Dual Fire and Burglary Protection Say you’re in the market for something a bit more robust. The Securikey Mini Vault Gold FR Electronic lock has dual fire and burglary protection for your jewellery and other valuables. It has a second tier bronze level of protection plus 30 minutes of fire retardancy, and an insurance cash rating of £4,000. The features don’t end there, though. It has both a motion sensitive light which illuminates the interior chamber as well as the testing and insurance regulations to put your mind at ease. The Securikey can either be bolted from the base or fixed from the back side. Investing in a home jewellery safe is one of the smartest choices you can make to guard your valuables and other important possessions.