How to Handle Cash Securely

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Safe Cash Storage

Cash made up of notes, coins or vouchers is very tempting for thieves who may be prepared to use force to get it. Any retail outlet is subject to a lot of cash handling and should take steps to protect the staff and their safety. Section 2(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 clearly states that employers should try to ensure the health, security and welfare of all their employees. It is, therefore, vital that all retailers should have a safe system for handling cash and storing it, and should take steps for reducing the risk of robbery by not leaving money in vulnerable locations like in cash tills.

Advantages of using a Drop Safe

Shop owners and other businesses that handle significant amounts of money like restaurants and churches often invest in a drop safe. A drop safe is also known as a deposit safe and can be used to store money or important documents in a slot or drawer that allows you to deposit items to the safe without actually opening it. Although anyone can make a deposit, only an authorised person that holds either the key or the security code can get access to the safe to make a withdrawal.

This makes a drop safe very easy and quick to use. All items can be safely stored within a drop safe, and it is ideal for retailers as all their staff can use the safe to deposit cash. It also protects against theft from employees and means that they do not have the ability to hand over any money if the shop is the victim of a robbery. A drop safe can be bolted to the floor so that it cannot be stolen in its entirety.

Drop safes have what is known as an "anti-fish" special plate. This particular mechanism within the safe prevents anyone from removing the contents using a piece of wire to "fish" through the hole.

Types of Drop Safe

Drop safes are available in a host of different sizes and with different security ratings depending on your budget. Some are front loading and others are top-loading. They can come with combination locks or standard traditional key locks. For extra security measures you can even choose one with a dual locking mechanism, so that two keys (and therefore two people) must be present in order for the safe to be opened. It is even possible to buy a drop safe with a fingerprint biometric lock.

Drop Safes and Long Term Security

While a drop safe is an ideal way for stores and other businesses to handle their cash more safely and improve their security, it should not be used as a long-term storage solution. Any safe can eventually be broken into if someone is determined enough and given enough time and the right equipment. Another point to note is that drop safes are not usually fire-resistant, so it is imperative not to use one as a substitute for a bank account.

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