Benefits of a Wall Hidden Safe

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Securing your valuables in a safe is usually a good deterrent to thieves, indicating that you’ve taken steps to protect your most valuable items, but it’s always possible a particularly determined burglar might decide to make off with your entire safe and try to open it by force at a different location. Just in case of this scenario, safes are available that can be hidden within your home making them very hard to locate, never mind get in to. Most thieves will spend six or less minutes in your home looking for your valuables and will look in the most obvious places, so hiding your safe can pay dividends.

How Does A Hidden Wall Safe Work?

Wall Hidden Safes are designed to actually fit into the walls of your home. They are measured in terms of the amount of bricks that need to be removed in order to install them, where they will be completely invisible to thieves, and only located by the homeowner who put them there.  While they can be easily hidden behind a picture, wall-mounted television or a piece of furniture, more modern designs allow them to look from the outside as if they are actually a simple wall fitting like a plug socket.

You can even replace a cut piece of drywall after hiding your safe and then repair your wall, which is a good option if you do not need access to your safe for a long time.

Hiding Your Wall Safe

Burglars are always on the look out for safes as they know that they are likely to contain valuable items, so it’s important to hide your safe well. The best disguise is to make your safe look like a common wall fixture, like a power socket. These are easy to install and inexpensive to buy.

Wall Hidden Safes come in various types and sizes. Some are very small in design and will only store your most precious jewellery and not much else, while others are large enough to keep important legal documents and electronic equipment inside.

Should I Invest In A Wall Safe?

To work out if a wall safe is the right purchase for you, you should make an inventory of your valuables. This should include all your jewellery, watches, cash, family heirlooms like antiques, silver, coins or other collections, cameras and other items of value in your home. Then you can add up the total cost and see how much it would cost to replace all these items. Remember that it’s not just the financial costs you need to consider. Imagine how difficult it would be to replace lost documents and other important paperwork that you may store in your wall hidden safe. You may also have an emotional attachment to certain items and it could be very distressing to have them stolen.  Wall hidden safes can give you great peace of mind, knowing that your valuables are very well protected.