The Benefits of Laptop Safes

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Secure Your Laptop With the advent of the digital age, more and more people are now using laptops and tablets and even their phones rather than desktop computers, enabling them to use technology when on the move.  In today’s busy working environment, commuters often use their journeys to work or to meetings to catch up on work. We now no longer only use our computers for work or playing games, but store incredible amounts of data on them like photographs, music and videos. Gone are the days of the dusty photograph album kept on a shelf – we are far more likely to have our precious memories stored on computer files, so it is essential that we protect them from theft or damage. Losing everything that’s on your computer can be very upsetting.

Safeguarding Your Data

Laptop safes provide the ideal solution for protecting your computer equipment, as well as being large enough to store other physical documents like passports. While many people think about how to protect their valuables and do not leave cash lying around, they are usually less careful with their personal information. With a rise in identity theft it is vital that we protect sensitive data about ourselves, which could be stolen. Opportunist burglars will not hesitate to steal laptops and tablet computers as they have a good resale value, and they can easily access your personal data from these devices. Sadly, the chances of your stolen laptop being recovered are very slight indeed. It’s also hard to estimate the value of the loss, with the contents being hard to assess. When going away on holiday, it’s a very sensible idea to leave your laptop securely stored at home in a laptop security safe.

What Companies Lose When Your Laptop Is Stolen

With over 100,000 laptops stolen from vehicles last year, a whopping 6.2% of all vehicle insurance claims were made due to stolen laptops. Not only is having your laptop stolen upsetting and inconvenient, it can be a serious loss to businesses of critical data and also many hours of work, on average around 2000 hours per laptop. Company laptops will need to be replaced, and the costs of replacing and reconfiguring a replacement will have to met. Often this can take several weeks to arrange, which means more working hours lost.  You should always make a note of your computer serial numbers, so that you can report them to police in the event of a theft. You can also buy a security marker to label your possessions. A laptop security safe is a great deterrent to thieves.

Benefits of a Laptop Security Safe

As laptops vary in size, it’s important to measure the width of your laptop before choosing the right model to suit you. There are a huge variety of laptop security safes on the market all of which can offer you valuable peace of mind. Many offer not just protection from theft of your personal data, but can also protect your laptop in the event of an outbreak of fire or a flood at your home. Computer equipment is especially vulnerable and the consequences of accidental damage can be devastating.  Laptop safes come in portable varieties ideal for business travellers who will be in hotel rooms or students who need to take their laptops to halls of residence or shared student accommodation. Image Credits: Attribution Some rights reserved by DeclanTM