The Benefits of Drop Safes

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Drop Boxes are often required where there are cash registers Many business owners have considered the purchase of a deposit drop safe, but too many leave this decision until it is too late and do not go ahead with their purchase until they have actually experienced the devastating effects of a theft in their company. While having CCTV cameras in the building can be useful for providing evidence, electronic surveillance can’t stop a theft from happening in the first place, unlike a deposit drop safe.

How Does a Deposit Drop Safe Operate?

Burton Under Counter Cash SafeA deposit drop safe is especially designed to allow staff in the office to deposit cash without requiring authorised access like a key or an access code. Staff cannot access the contents of the safe but can safely put cash into it through an opening that allows them only to make deposits. Cash cannot be removed again once it has been deposited. This minimises the amount of cash that would otherwise be stored in tills or office drawers. It also keeps large amounts of cash out of sight, which helps prevent both internal and external office thefts. Employees in an office where large amounts of cash are visible may feel vulnerable to robbery and a deposit safe can offer them peace of mind by lessening this danger.

What Kinds of Drop Safe Can I Choose From?

There are various types of deposit drop safes to choose from, from a simple front loading deposit safe with a posting slot, to capsule deposit safes which are linked to underground safes, to a rotary drum deposit safe with a large aperture, ideal for hospitals and police departments. A rotary drop safe is ideal for large packages and documents as well as cash. Deposit drop safes come with many different and varied locking mechanisms, some requiring two key holders to be present in order to open the safe, which provides extra security. Others have electronic opening devices that can record when the safe was opened last, which provides traceability. Drop safes should always be securely fixed or bolted down in a permanent location when they are installed in order that they cannot simply be removed in their entirety and opened elsewhere using explosive devices.

Why is a Drop Safe Ideal for My Business?

An initial physical deterrent is often enough to deter an opportunistic thief, and having a deposit drop safe in the office makes access to cash difficult enough to prevent many thefts. Many businesses have a large amount of cash in their offices at any one time, which is due to be transferred to the bank at a later date. This is also true of cheques that should be safely stored until they can be moved to a secure location. While not usually fireproof due to the required slot for making deposits, deposit drop safes are the ideal solution for offices that handle cash on a regular basis and can sometimes even reduce your insurance premiums. Purchasing a deposit drop safe before you experience a burglary or theft in your office is a great investment, which could be of financial benefit in the long run as well as giving you peace of mind. Photo Credit: Attribution Some rights reserved by Steve Snodgrass