Anti-Ligature Institution Safety Mirrors

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Institutional Mirrors are designed for mid to high level risk situations. Securikey Anti-Ligature mirrors offer safe surveillance in high risk detention and psychiatric cells and rooms.

These specialist wide angle surveillance mirrors are available in 3 designs - Ceiling fixed full dome, Half faced domes for securing on the wall butting up to the ceiling and Quarter domes for fixing at the corner where two walls meet the ceiling.

All Securikey Institution convex mirrors are specially designed to ensure that they offer maximum security and surveillance whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety for patients and detainees.

anti-ligature institution mirror

Anti-ligature Dome Mirror

Securikey anti-ligature stainless steel or polycarbonate convex mirrors have been designed and developed to meet the most stringent requirements and have been approved and used by the Metropolitan Police. HM Prison Service and the UK Home Office. Furthermore these standard Institutional mirrors offer secure fastening and use tough polycarbonate faces for strength and safety. Institutional grade wide angle mirrors are for use in secure areas such as Prisons, Police stations, Young Offenders Units, Nursing Homes, NHS Hospitals and Mental Health Institutions.


The fixing frame has 7mm countersunk holes and the mirror is supplied with security screws.

To best achieve a secure anti-ligature installation we recommend the use of a pick resistant sealant such as Arbokol 1025 or equivalent.

Then the anti-ligature mirror should be fixed onto a bed of this sealant and the same sealant used to finish the installation by filling any gaps and covering the screw heads completely.

Don't forget to regularly inspect the sealant for deterioration and replace as necessary.