5 Reasons the Chubbsafes Trident Eurograde 6 Is the Safe of Your Dreams

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An experienced burglar may have it all planned out. He may get into your home with no one around to see him and may lurk through homes and buildings with ease but there is still one thing standing in his way.

A paragon of protection that causes even accomplished safe crackers to shudder. The Chubbsafe Trident Eurograde 6 safe is a titan in the safe world and is the quintessential example of a high quality security safe. Chubbsafes is a company that has been around for a while, so it’s no wonder that they’ve come up with one of the best safes available on the market. If you have valuable goods and you are looking for the very best in safe protection, here are 5 reasons why the Trident is the safe for you.

The Incredible Eurograde 6

The first thing that should be considered is the fact that this safe has the highest Eurograde rating that exists. The Eurograde system is what describes how a particular safe stood up to an onslaught of comprehensive testing. Specifically, a Eurograde rating determines exactly how much value the items inside should contain. It is also how insurance companies evaluate a claim when contents are taken from an insured safe. A business that deals with a large quantity of valuables each day, like a jewellery manufacturer, would look for a high Eurograde rating. For instance, if a value is taken from a Eurograded safe that is within the recommended amount, your claim would be honoured. If you keep more value in a safe than is recommended, the insurer might not cover more than the recommended amount. However, the Chubbsafe Trident has a Eurograde 6, which means the recommended value of the contents can be astronomical. It can hold up to £150,000 in cash and a whopping £1,500,000 in valuables like jewellery.

The High Security Rating

This amazing safe has also earned the highest Robert’s Rating for its robust security features. Its Platinum Star 3 rating means it is designed to withstand even the most violent physical attacks. It is resistant to a variety of break in and safe cracking methods including drilling.

Duel Key Locking

The Chubbsafe Trident has two high security key locks. That means if you were to somehow get a hold of one key, you’d still have to find the second. This two man rule is a great method of securing the locking mechanisms of a safe.

High Fire Rating

Typically a safe is designed with either security or fire resistance in mind. It is very rare that a safe so affectively protects against both. We already know how highly rated this safe is in security and on top of that it is built to withstand fire for 60 minutes.

Base Fixed and Heavy

It is important for a safe to be difficult to move. A highly rated safe is difficult to break into with the time and resources that are available during a robbery. If the whole thing can be taken, then a thief has unlimited time and all the resources he can get to try and crack a safe open. The Trident, on the other hand, is not so easily moved. It weighs in at a hefty 1150kg and can even be fixed to both wooden and cement floors. If you could somehow dislodge it from the ground you would still have a tough time carrying it out.