5 Businesses that Can Use Wide Angle Dome Mirrors

5 Businesses that Can Use Wide Angle Dome Mirrors

Wide angle dome mirrors can be utilised throughout a variety of businesses including petrol stations, car dealerships, corner shops, plant facilities, and in reception areas.

In many cases, a convex detection mirror is the first form of defence against criminals and trespassers. For that reason, they fit seamlessly in each one of the aforementioned areas. Wide angle dome mirrors are ideal for:

  • Monitoring individuals who are fuelling at petrol stations
  • Ensuring the security of vehicles cars in and around a car dealership
  • Maintaining view of who is entering or exiting an office building
  • Checking blind spots in a plant or warehouse facility

Never Leave Your Security Up to Chance

A business can encounter many potential threats. Apart from violent crime, there’s also the possibility of an accidental safety hazard. Petrol stations, in particular, are susceptible to fire and even explosions if motorists are not cautious. Strategically placed wide angle dome mirrors can assist clerks in surveying the pumps and activities of motorists. What’s more, it can also alert convenience store or petrol station clerks of any suspicious activity.

It never hurts to have an extra set of eyes on individuals coming in and out of an office building. Likewise, people are more restrained when they know that their movement is being monitored. Installing something like the Panoramic ¼ Dome Acrylic Mirror near an entryway would likely keep visitors on their toes while on the premises.

Guard Against Grand Theft

Car dealerships are often targeted by criminals if they know the premises is not being monitored or equipped with adequate security. Apart from security cameras, convex mirrors indicate to thieves that you are serious about the safety and security of the vehicles on site.

They also have another function. When bringing new vehicles on the dealership grounds it can be very helpful to use a convex mirror to prevent bumps and scrapes with other cars. Since the space between vehicles can be tight, the last thing you want to do is damage the merchandise before it even leaves the lot.

Take the Necessary Precautions with Blind Spots

Workers who operate heavy machinery in a plant or warehouse facility need to be extra careful when it comes terms of safety. Transporting heavy cargo around narrow pathways can lead to accidents and even serious injuries. With that being said, it’s in the interest of the plant owner and the employees to adhere to safety initiatives and carry out safety measures. One of these measures should be the addition of convex mirrors around high traffic zones and corners with blind spots. Many wide angle dome mirrors are designed specifically for industrial intersections and painted in fluorescent colours to increase visibility. Furthermore, they are constructed with tough faces to withstand impacts and moderate force.

Whether it is for safety, security, or a combination of the two, implementing a wide angle dome mirror can have tremendous benefits. Available in a range of materials and price points there’s really no reason to not add one in your business.