Security is an important issue for any homeowner. You do need to secure your property against opportunistic thieves and vandals. Burglary can be a devastating crime. This can not only affect your financial well-being but can also destroy the feeling of comfort and security your home should provide you with.

Getting Started with Home Security
All homes should have some basic security measures in place. This includes strong locks on all the windows and doors and a way of blocking access to the rear of the property (high fences, locked gates etc.)

  • The best place to start with home security is to go around and check that your basic security is adequate.
  • Try and think like a burglar who is looking for an easy entry point to the property.
  • Test the locks on your doors and windows and consider how easily they could be overcome.
  • Think about whether you leave any windows open whilst you are out. Remember even small fanlights could provide access for determined burglars.
  • Are there any dark sheltered areas around your property that could provide hiding places for burglars to work?
  • If so then fit security lights that will open up these areas and deter anyone from trying to gain access at these points.
  • Security lights can be motion activated and this also acts as a visual warning that unauthorised people may be on your grounds.
  • Fit a decent padlock and chain on any gates or outbuildings on your property.
  • Make sure you always lock your doors and windows if you are going out. The majority of burglaries are opportunistic and rely on thieves finding an easy open route into your home.
  • If you are moving to a new home then it makes sense to change the exterior locks. You can never be sure just who may have keys to the property.
  • Increase the effectiveness of security systems by making your home appear occupied with timers that switch lights on and off when you are away for long periods.
  • Fit deadbolts so that when you are at home you can provide an extra layer of protection to the main doorways.
  • If you do lose your keys then changes the locks as soon as possible.
  • Join neighbourhood watch schemes and keep up to date on any security issues in your local area.

Security Alarms
Security alarms can be a powerful deterrent for opportunistic thieves. You can buy good DIY alarms from most larger DIY centres. These are straightforward to install and typically operate on batteries. The more extensive alarm systems will need to be wired into a permanent electricity supply and these may need to be fitted by professionals.

You might also want to consider buying a small alarm system for your garage or shed if you keep tools, bikes and other valuable items in these spaces. It can also help if you paint the handles of your tools a bright colour. This makes them easily distinguishable and means they are worthless from a resale point of view. This should make them less attractive to burglars.

Author Bio:
Hannah Wood writes exclusively for TH Services.