Armorgard TUFFcage

The Foldaway Armorgard TuffCage is a secure galvanised mesh gas bottle cage that can be quickly folded away when not required and moved from site to site. The Armorgard Foldaway Tuffcage is used for storing oxygen, carbon dioxide, butane and propane gas bottles.
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    Armorgard Tuffcage Foldaway Mesh Cage 180x120x120cm
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    £1,165.66 inc VAT £1,227.00 inc VAT
    • External Dimensions
      H 1800 x W 1300 x D 1240 mm
    • Internal Dimensions
      H 1760 x W 1220 x D 1090 mm
    • Weight (kg)
      Weight 120Kgicon120Kg
    • Volume (litres)
      Volume 25 litresicon25L
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