How to choose a Convex Blind Spot Mirror

We hope that the following information will help you choose the correct safety mirror or security mirror for your particular requirement.




Convex Mirrors offer a 60° angle of view for a variety of areas that need monitoring, such as dangerous corners, loading docks and busy aisles.

Exterior Convex Safety Mirrors are made of a weatherproof metal frame ideal for loading bays and warehouse yards and come complete with an adjustable mounting bracket. Our rectangular mirrors are near distortion free.

Interior Convex Safety and Security Mirrors are ideal for interior corners, corridors and blind spots and come complete with an adjustable mounting bracket. Ball and swivel plate attached directly to mirror reduce weight and cost.

Forklift Convex Safety Mirrors offer an added level of safety for forklift operations and come complete with adjustable mounting hardware.

Portable Convex Surveillance Mirrors are used for security use in high security areas such as Airports, Government buildings, Ports, Armed forces, Oil Refineries etc




Dome Mirrors provide maximum visibility in many different corner configurations, help prevent collisions where dangerous corners exist, and provide surveillance views on a wide amount of square footage from a fixed observation point. All Dome Mirrors come complete with adjustable mounting hardware. Recommended for indoor use only.

Full Dome Safety Mirrors have a 360° angle of view and are ideal at four-way intersections • Half Dome Safety Mirrors have a 180° angle of view and are ideal for “T” intersections

Quarter Dome Safety Mirrors have a 90° angle of view and are ideal for corners of hallways and corridors Which size? The maximum observation distance for all of our mirrors is shown below each image on the category pages. Basically the larger the diameter or size the larger the image. The rectangular mirrors have a more natural image than the more convex round mirrors. If you need advice – contact us, we like to help!




Security surveillance mirrors offer an easy way to reduce crime, theft and safety concerns in any retail or other public establishment. Choose from Wall mounted or ceiling mounted convex mirrors to ensure the best vantage point to reduce petty crime. Safe Options offers the largest range of convex mirrors online in the UK




Driveway and blindspot mirrors. Our Exterior Convex Mirrors are suitable for all weathers in acrylic, polymer, security glass or stainless steel. Our exterior convex safety mirrors can be wall or post mounted in various diameters for security, safety or for traffic blindspots. Each size of mirror is labelled according to the optimum distance it should be positioned from the viewing point to ensure the best visibility for oncoming traffic.




Safe Options offers the best in Industrial Safety protection with the use of our wide range of industrial convex safety mirrors – highlight hazards in warehouses, loading bays, parking areas to ensure the highest degree of safety.




We are the Experts in the the supply of convex mirrors to reduce accidents in blindspots, to cyclists, driveway exits, car parks, and other traffic areas. We offer traffic mirrors specially designed for damp environments where condensation or frost can obscure mirrors and make them unusable. Red/White hazard markings, red, green , white or plain trims to match any environment and safety conditions. Check out the traffic mirrors to improve safety to cyclists – as used in London.




Safe Options offers Polycarbonate and Stainless steel faces for the use in public institutions such as Prisons, Police Cells, Hospitals for the mentally ill to ensure that surveillance and safety concerns are paramount. Some of our institutional safety surveillance mirrors offer anti-ligature design and are approved by the Metropolitan Police in London.




Convex Security Surveillance Mirrors for both interior and exterior use. Convex Mirrors are ideal for security surveillance in public buildings, ferry ports, Customs areas, airports, public events – in fact anywhere where the underside of vehicles need to be checked by Police, Customs Officials and security personnel.




Safe Options is the leading online distributor of Dancop Subway Mirrors for pedestrian underpasses and blind corners where public safety is an issue. The highly convex polycarbonate face offers 180 degree views to provide both safety and resistance to vandalism. Choose from surface mounted or wall mounted with an adjustable arm