Techniques to Keep your Site box Secure

Techniques to Keep your Site box Secure

A site box is a great way to secure valuable and sensitive materials from theft and it also keeps those materials out of the way.

A worksite is a place that takes a lot of care and concern to keep secure.  Theft and injury are more likely when the proper steps aren’t taken. By keeping valuable or potentially dangerous items stored in a sturdy, secure container like a site box, you are taking an important step in securing your worksite. However, even with a site box there are some tips that can help you keep your site even more secure:
  • Practice common sense. A site box is no good if you fail to keep it in the right place or keep it unlocked when it is left unattended.
  • Be careful when moving a box. If you need to lift a large box full of heavy objects, take the proper precautions.
  • Keep it clean. Some site boxes are used to secure potentially hazardous materials. If any liquids are spilled loading or unloading a box, clean it up immediately.
  • Pick a good location. Keep your site box in a place where it can be supervised, not in a dark secluded place where it won’t be noticed if someone tampers with it.

Carefully Move Heavy Boxes

Accidents can easily happen to people who are trying to do too much on their own. If you need to move a site box that has heavy materials inside, get the help you need first. If you are dealing with very large boxes that are capable of holding a lot of material like the Armorgard TUFFSTOR TSC3 Outdoor Site Security Storage Cabinet you might not want to just use man power at all. This cabinet includes forklift skids so you can easily slide a forklift or a pallet truck under it for easy lifting. Even with the proper equipment it is good to have a person to guide you and to help if something goes wrong.

Hazardous Material Safety

Anyone who works with hazardous materials should be trained in how to safely handle them, so you should have your own set of rules and procedures when moving, storing and using these materials. One way to keep them safe is to store them in a special security box like the Armorgard Flambank Fire Resistant Site Box. This is fire resistant and has a special trough to collect spilled items. However, if you do cause or find a spill it should be cleaned up immediately or reported. Leaking hazardous fluid can cause major problems if left for too long.

A Good Location Matters

Where you put your site box is almost as important as the quality and type of box you have. However, finding a good place to store your valuables in a site box can be a challenge because you will want to store it in a safe location that is also not in the way. Of course it is important to keep it away from heavy foot and vehicle traffic. On the other hand, you don’t want to keep it in a location that is so remote that anyone can access it without being seen. There are two techniques you can use to pick a good location for your site box. You can keep it securely in an office or another private location with limited access. Presumably this will add an extra layer of security, so not only would a thief need to break into the site box they would have to break into the office or room where it is kept. However, this depends on what you would keep in the box. If it needs to be accessed a lot during the day you may need to try the second technique. Keep it out in the open where it is in the sightline of supervisors. That way it can be accessed when it needs to be and it can be monitored for safe keeping.