Techniques to Ensure Students Don't Lose Their Locker Keys

Techniques to Ensure Students Don't Lose Their Locker Keys

How can you help cut through the clutter and confusion of student life to ensure locker keys don’t get lost?

For a student, life is full of new responsibilities and pitfalls. Each year they advance to a new level which brings a whole host of new challenges. With so much to keep track of, things tend to fall through the cracks into the oblivion of frequently lost items like socks and pens. However, certain things are too important to be lost throughout the course of hectic day-to-day activities. A student’s locker key is surely one of those important items. There are several ways a student can ensure that their keys are not lost, misplaced or stolen:
  • They can personalise their key, so that if it is misplaced it can be returned.
  • Students can wear the key on their person so that it is not easily lost or stolen.
  • Keep a spare on hand just in case.

Personalise Keys or Key Chains

From the moment our mums wrote our names in the tag of our shirts we knew that putting your name on an item is a great way to see it returned if it gets lost. Personalising a locker with a name or a phone number is a good way to ensure that, if found, it will not be tossed in a drawer never to be seen again. To personalise a key it is best to put it on a key chain or a fob that can be written on. You can also have the locker identification number written engraved on a fob so that the person who discovers can find the lockers owner. This is good for school lockers filled with books and supplies but not for lockers with valuables inside.

Wear it to Keep it Safe

Another excellent way to ensure the safety of a locker key is to have students where it on them. It is difficult to lose something that is attached to you all day. A chain necklace or a lanyard with the key on the end is a good method for keeping a key from getting lost. You can also use loop clips to attach a key chain to a student’s clothes; however, the student must keep track of it when they change their clothes for gym class. A third option is to wear it in a specially designed wristband that holds the key in place while a student goes through the different activities of the day. With a variety of options , it is important to find a style that each student will like so they are less likely to take it off.

Keep an Emergency Spare

When all else fails a spare key is important to have. Keeping a master key or an extra in the school office or with a student’s parents is important for the event that a student does lose their key. Organisation is often not the strong suit of a child; however, with these simple techniques you can help them keep track of their lockers keys and have a successful school year.