Safety Rules That Every Child Should Know

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What safety rules can children learn as they go and what should you teach them right away? Here are a few safe tips every kid should know.

Childhood is all about discovering new things, making mistakes and learnings. However, when it comes to safety, it is important to teach children early and help them avoid mistakes. There are so many safety tips to learn but many of them can be taught as children grow. As long as they have the proper supervision, many safety rules can be learned over time. However, there are several rules that are important to teach kids as soon as they are able to understand.

  • Fire preparedness is not something you hope your child will ever have to use but it is important to teach them early.
  • Children should know how to safely handle being in and around pools.
  • Kids should learn how to safely interact with other kids and adults.

Fire Safety

Many people can think back and remember learning fire safety in primary school. It is important to teach kids about basic fire safety, early in life. There are several things parents and anyone else looking after children should know. However, you should start with the basics. Show them sources of heat and fire that they should stay away from like grills, stoves and matches. You should also show them what they should do if there is a fire your home. Plan possible routes and show them where to go. Teach them to call emergency services if it is necessary. Older children can be taught to use fire extinguishers if necessary.

If there is an opportunity to do so, take a child to a fire station to familiarise them with firefighters in full gear. That way, they will not be afraid of their rescuer if a firefighter comes to remove them from a burning building.

Pool Safety

Swimming pools are seemingly endless fun for children but they are also a source of many accidents. It is important to monitor kids closely while they are in or playing near a pool. If they slip and fall in or if they appear to be struggling in the water, it will take quick action to ensure that they are unharmed. It is a good idea to place safety measures in your garden for proper pool safety like a fence around the pool or a safety mirror for better supervision.

It is also important to teach children not to run or play near the edge of a pool. As soon as they are able, they should learn how to swim. That way, if they happen to fall in they can help themselves if you cannot get there in time. Even babies can be taught to roll over and float on their backs as they wait for help to arrive.

Safety Around Strangers

Everyone has probably been told the age old adage, “don’t talk to strangers,” at some point during their childhood. However, this might not be the best advice in all scenarios. Kids should be taught to recognise trustworthy strangers especially emergency assistance professionals like police officers, paramedics and firefighters. In the same way, people they may know and recognise my turn out to be devious like the mailman or the ice-cream man.

Instead of instructing children never to talk to strangers, it is good to make safety rules with your child that can guide them when they are interacting with others. Teach them to be wary of anyone who tries to get them to break their safety rules.