A deposit safe, also known as a drop safe, allows you to deposit cash safely without having to open the main door of the safe. Drop safes can also be used to store other valuable documents such as passports, credit cards, birth certificates, or title deeds.

Drop safes are particularly popular with retail businesses, as well as banks and post offices as they offer better security and less people need access to the master key to be able to deposit money.

Deposit safes come in various sizes and also differing security levels, which we will explore more of in this blog.

How is a Drop Safe used?

The design of a drop safe allows documents and cash to be entered in to the safe without the need of opening the main safe door.

Items are dropped through a small hatch at the top or front of the safe, the better-quality drop safes will have an anti-fish plate inside which prevents anyone from pulling items back through the hatch. The appeal of a drop safe is that anyone can deposit items, but to retrieve items the safe door must be opened with a master key or using a code, depending on the type of lock mechanism that has been chosen and installed.

This deposit mechanism makes the drop safe quick and easy to use, whilst ensuring the security of items inside. They are perfect for shops as they minimise the amount of cash that is being stored inside of tills and keep large amounts of cash out of sight, preventing internal and external thefts.

A deposit safe is required to be bolted to the floor for any insurance to be valid, but they are not required to be cemented in to the ground, making them more practical than underfloor safes.

What are the different types of Drop Safes?

Drop safes come in a range of sizes and security ratings, so you should look in to the available options carefully before purchasing.

Drop safes can either be front-loading, where the deposit slot is located on the front side of the safe, above the main door, or top-loading. If you are planning on fitting the safe under a shelving unit or desk then the front-loading option would be the more appropriate option.

You can also get capsule deposit safes, which are linked to underground safes and a rotary drum deposit safe which is ideal for larger documents and packages as well as cash. Although many opt for a regular deposit safe that is bolted to the floor, you can also get some that can go inside a wall.

As with most safes, the lock mechanism for the door varies between different types of drop safes. Some will have combination locks, others have a traditional key lock, and some will have a dual locking mechanism for added security. For higher security, some electronic lock devices can record when the safe was last opened, providing traceability and the ability to cross reference with CCTV and staff shifts. Business owners should take the variety of options in to account when choosing a drop safe for their premises and opt for the mechanism that they feel is most appropriate for their business and the option that is safest.


Our favourite drop safes

1. Dudley Eurograde 2 Rotary Deposit Safe – from £1758.00 inc. VAT

2. Phoenix Cashier Fingerprint Deposit Safe – from £864.00 inc. VAT

3. Dudley Eurograde 1 Drawer Deposit Safe – from £1944.00 inc. VAT

4. De Raat Through Wall Cash Deposit Safe – from £1284.00 inc. VAT

Why is a Drop Safe Ideal for My Business?

It’s surprising how effective a physical deterrent is in deterring an opportunistic thief, particularly if it is well secured and is a good-quality safe. Many businesses have a large amount of cash in their possession at one time, which is due to be transferred to the bank at some point. With thefts becoming more common, no one should risk keeping cash in tills or in a simple locked drawer somewhere in the office.

Deposit safes come in a range of different styles, offering different features to suit different needs and different budgets. While not usually fireproof due to slot required for making deposits, drop safes are the ideal solution for offices that handle cash on a regular basis and can sometimes even reduce your insurance premiums. Purchasing a deposit drop safe before you experience a burglary or theft in your office is a great investment, giving you peace of mind and potential savings in the future.


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