Great Uses For Convex Mirrors in Your Home

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While these were traditionally used by businesses to guard against theft or burglary, they can come in handy for a variety of purposes in and outside of the home.

Keeping a Close Eye on Children What parent wouldn’t want a device to help them keep a closer eye on the kids? Whether the tots are playing around the corner or unsupervised in a room, a convex mirror can help you better ensure their safety by seeing blind spots, oncoming traffic, and unexpected visitors.  A portable convex mirror with a stand may also be useful for safety on the go! Say, for example; you’re planning a barbecue in the neighbourhood, but you want to take the necessary safety precautions so that no one gets injured. A portable convex mirror would be the perfect device to install near your event. That way, children and pedestrians won’t walk into oncoming traffic or be caught off guard. Parking Safety Is a Plus In addition to keeping a close watch on children, convex mirrors are ideal for narrow parking spots, garages, or entry ways where traffic may pose an issue. You can adjust a convex mirror to the perfect angle for seeing around the corner or monitoring vehicles passing through. The Vialux Multi-Use Convex Mirror, made of Polymir is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s resistance to vandalism and has an unbreakable face. You also have the option to choose a frame colour to match the surrounding area. As you can see, convex mirrors aren’t exclusive for security guards or retail establishments.  They come in handy for a wide array of purposes ranging from safety to style and security.

3 Ways Convex Security Mirrors Can be Used in Your Home

Convex security mirrors are an excellent way to increase visibility in a residential area, which can also enhance security.

Improved security is an inherent trait in increased visibility. We’ve seen it in history and nature; the ones who see better last longer. Of course, that is a dramatic way to describe a relatively simple concept. However, the spirit of the message remains true. Increasing your ability to see potentially dangerous situations can help you react quickly or even prevent accidents from happening. That is the philosophy behind security mirrors with wide angle views. By placing them high up, you can get a better view of an area, and they can allow you to see things you couldn’t see before. There are a few ways that this can give you a security advantage in your home:
  • Place them near your pool so that you have a clear view of the whole area from multiple angles.
  • A convex mirror in your driveway or garage can help you clearly see where your car is while you are both parking and leaving.
  • Shops use a convex mirror to keep an eye out for potential thieves. If you do the same, you may deter criminals from targeting your home.

For Better Pool Safety

Pools are a place where kids need constant and clear supervision. Public pools have many safety standards and anyone who has ever been to a community pool may notice their attention to security. Posted rules, lifeguards and of course convex mirrors can all be seen around a public pool. You should have the same high-security standards, around your home’s pool. Teach your kids about pool safety and use a convex mirror to increase your ability to supervise your pool. The wide angle view can help you see from many angles and into blind spots which are ideal for a pool area where children are playing.

For Safer Parking

Parking is another aspect of life that can always use a little extra visibility. When you are pulling into your driveway or your garage, you may sometimes have to make a tight fit. However, with a convex mirror, you can get an excellent view of your surroundings as you pull into a space. Also, leaving your driveway may also require a wide angle view. If you live on a heavily used street or if there are obstructions like shrubs or fences that block your view of the road, a convex mirror can help you see around those obstacles. This is important to ensure that you don’t hit pedestrians or other obstructions because of low visibility.

As a Crime Deterrent

You may have been in a shop at some point and seen a large dome-shaped mirror reflecting angles of the entire store. This is to keep close surveillance on the store so that if a shoplifter tries to take anything, the shop keeper will see it happen. In the same way, you can use a convex mirror to keep an eye out for potential criminals. Burglars look for easy targets and if they see something that may pose a threat they will move on. Sometimes even just the site of something like a wide angle mirror increasing the view of an area can cause burglars to look for a new target. There are many uses for convex mirrors. Think about different ways you can increase visibility and safety in your home.

5 Pool Safety Tips for Your Home

Pool safety is incredibly important, and there are many security regulations in public pools. You should also focus on safety around your residential swimming pool.

Pool safety should be a chief concern for parents, especially when they have pools in their own gardens. Without the proper supervision and safety measures, a pool can be a dangerous place for children. With the proper attention to safety, however, a pool can be a fun setting for kids to play and exercise. There are several safety tips that you should consider implementing when your children are around your pool:
  • Keep a small fence around the pool to ensure no one wanders in or mistakenly falls in.
  • Don’t let children play in or around pools by themselves.
  • Teach your kids about the proper ways to behave around the pool.
  • Think about installing a pool alarm that would go off if someone were to fall in.
  • Teach a child to swim as soon as they can learn.

Keep the Area Enclosed

Putting a fence around your pool can keep both kids and pets from accidentally falling in. A four-foot tall fence with a gate that closes and latches automatically is recommended. This ensures that toddlers can’t climb over or reach the lock.

Always Supervise Children

Kids should never be left alone in or around a pool. Attentive adult supervision is the only way to prevent accidents from leading to serious injuries or worse. If there are blind spots around the pool or if you can’t see the pool well from certain spots, you should consider using a convex security mirror to get a wide angle view. That way, you can get a complete view of the area. If you can’t find a child, check the pool first. If they happened to fall in, they might need help immediately.

Teach Children About Pool Safety

It is not enough for you to just watch your kids while they are around the pool. You should also make sure your children know what the pool safety rules are and why they are important. Teach them not to play too close to the edge—especially when adults aren’t around.

Install a Pool Alarm

If you want a little extra security, you can install a pool alarm on the edge of your pool. These devices will alert anyone in the area if someone or something falls into the pool. Sensors scan the water’s surface and if anything, pet or child, that weighs a certain amount falls in, it will go off. When it is time to use the pool, the device can be disarmed.

Teach Children How to Swim Early

If a child knows how to swim, they can save themselves if they fall in while no one is watching. Teaching a child how to swim early, not only decreases their risk of drowning but it introduces them to a valuable skill that they will use all their life. Even infants can be taught to roll over into a floating position and breathe if they fall in.