Are Convex Mirrors the Best Solution for Safety?

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Despite its relatively simple concept, a convex mirror is an essential element in securing a variety of different homes and businesses.

A convex mirror, sometimes called a fisheye or blind spot mirror, is simply a dome or lens shaped mirror that reflects light in multiple directions rather than just one. Because of this, a convex mirror gives you a very wide field of view.  Safety and visibility go hand in hand. Like an animal keeping watch in order to warn the group, the more we are able to see danger, the better we can be at avoiding it. It may be surprising to know that such a low tech device can be found as part of the security of many businesses and homes, but where specifically are they used and do they make a real difference?

Convex mirrors are used in a number of places. In fact, they may be so common that you don’t even notice them:

  • On the road near low visibility corners and intersections.
  • On vehicles to help drivers easily see their blind spots.
  • On worksites where employees are moving large materials in low visibility areas.
  • In stores to help combat petty theft and shoplifting.

Uses around the home

Your home is the most familiar place you will find yourself, yet it still may have corners that you cannot see when you need to the most. A common use for convex mirrors in the home is in the garage. You can set one up to help you park correctly and pull out safely. You can also use it to keep an eye on children playing in the garden or in the swimming pool. If you are indoors and the kids are outside you can strategically place one so that you can see everything that is going on. You may not have eyes in the back of your head but you may not need them.

Vehicle blind spot mirrors

You’ve probably seen large trucks with circular convex mirrors mounted on each side. This is because trucks have large blind spots which they cannot see without so extra help. However, smaller vehicles have blind spots as well. Adding a small mirror to help you see the spot just behind your car can be beneficial.

Business and commercial use

Another place you may have seen a convex mirror supplementing security is in a shop. Retail stores often use these simple security tools to give them a full view of the store from behind the cash register. Increasing visibility with a security mirror will not only help you catch shoplifters and potential theft, it can also deter criminals from theft in the first place.

Warehouse and worksite use

Anyone who has worked in a warehouse knows that heavy machinery is common. Large aisles and sharp corners can create dangerously low visibility. With an industrial safety mirror you can see around corners and create a safer work environment.

A simple convex mirror can create a much safer place for any use. They are the one of the easiest and most affordable solutions to increase security whether it is in a business or in the home.