Fire Data Safes - Backup Tapes

Fire Data Safes - Backup Tapes

Fire Safes to protect Backup Tape Data from fire damage. Some fire safes protect paper from fire, but only a properly tested Fire data safe can protect plastic tape media. 
Because data storage is stored on plastic based materials, you will require a DATA FIRE SAFE to protect your precious business data such as Back-up Tapes. All Data and Media Fire safes ensure that plastic media remains below its melting point - 52 degrees C - for up to 2 hours in a fire depending on model. Digital Media Safes will only protect CD/DVD formats, USB Flash drives, External Back Up Drives and Paper Documents. 

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There are different types of safes for protecting back up tapes by ensuring the internal temperature of the safe doesn't exceed 52º C. Take a look at our favourite data fire safes >>
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