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Site Boxes - for Secure Tool Storage

Next Day Delivery Secure Site Tool and Equipment Storage by Armorgard, Van Vault and Sentribox Site Boxes
All brands including fork skids for easy transportation and with fixing holes to allow bolting to a firm surface.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Site boxes

What’s the difference between a site box and a van box? Which one do you need? Site boxes and van boxes are both high security places to store your tools and equipment when you’re working out and about. But how different are they, and how do you know which type of box you need? The answers below should make things clear.


What is the difference between a Site and Van Box?

The clue to the main differences is in the name.

Site boxes are large, secure storage boxes designed for use on a site. They are generally bigger and heavier than van boxes so that you can store more items on site, including large tools like jackhammers. Due to the weight of these boxes, they have skids underneath so that they can be picked up and moved with a forklift truck. Or, you can quickly and easily attach castors to the skids if you would rather wheel your box around – the holes for these are pre-drilled. (We can fit them for you pre-delivery if you prefer.)

Van boxes, on the other hand, are not really intended to be moved about, but to be fixed onto your van or truck as a permanent, secure, weather-proof place to store your tools and equipment while you work. They do not tend to come pre-drilled (so they can be fitted to a range of different van types), and don’t have skids. A van box is more suitable than a site box if you are in a trade where your van is your ‘base’ while you make house calls or work at different sites, like plumbing, landscaping, etc.


Do the colours of the box mean anything?

Red boxes like this one are flameproof – they are fire retardant for up to 30 minutes and designed for storing flammable liquids and materials. Yellow boxes like this one are designed for the safe storage of potentially harmful chemicals, in line with COSHH regulations. The different colours give everybody on site a clear warning about what is inside; the colour-coding is also very valuable in the event of a fire, alerting firefighters to the presence and location of any flammable or dangerous substances.


What are the typical weights of a Site Box?

Site boxes are generally heavier than van boxes. Site boxes tend to weigh in at 60-80kg or more.


Do any Site Boxes have dividers?

While many van boxes contain dividers to organise your tools, site boxes are usually empty so that you can fit whatever you need inside. The exception is a range of site boxes that have a specially-shaped compartment to store a strimmer – see the Armorgard StrimmerSafe Vault range.


What if my question isn't here?

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