Driveway Exit Mirrors

Convex Driveway Exit Mirrors offer the solution for exiting your drive where there is a blindspot area either left or right from the exit to your drive.
Although these mirrors are supplied complete with an adjustable wall bracket they can also be secured to galvanised posts which we can also supply. 

  1. Remove This Item Mirror Size (mm): 600
  2. Remove This Item Ideal Distance from Mirror: 6m
  3. Remove This Item Ideal Distance from Mirror: 15m

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  1. Dancop EC-US-60 Telescopic Arm Convex Wall Mirror - Outdoor and indoor4

    Dancop EC-US-60 Telescopic Convex Wall Mirror 60cm

    This Dancop EC-US-60 Telescopic Arm Convex Surveillance Wall Mirror is unique in that the wall fixed mirror has a telescopic arm to allow the mirror to be extended from the wall from between 30-50cm (12" - 19.5"). The Dancop EC-US-60 has a 60cm diameter acrylic lens with a black rim and is ideal for observations from 9 to 15 metres. Suitable for use as a safety or securit...
    £144.00 inc VAT

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