Anti-Ligature Institution Safety Mirrors

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  1. Securikey Anti-Tamper Polycarbonate 1/4 Dome Convex Mirror 300mm

    Anti-Ligature Polycarbonate 1/4 Dome Mirror - Securikey

    Securikey M17527H Institutional Anti-Ligature 1/4 Dome Polycarbonate Convex Mirror for use in secure institutions such as secure wards or detainment rooms.with anti-tamper fixings that are virtually ligature free.

    £231.00 inc VAT
  2. Securikey Duravision Institutional Stainless Anti-Ligature 250x250mm 1/4 Dome

    Anti-Ligature Stainless Steel 1/4 Dome Mirror - Securikey

    Police Approved Securikey M16525HL Detention Cell 1/4 Dome Mirror Stainless Steel with a Virtually Ligature free design.
    Approved by the Home Office and Met Police. This 1/4 Dome wide angle 250x250mm convex mirror improves safety surveillance  in secure institutions.

    £285.00 inc VAT
  3. Securikey Anti-Ligature Polycarbonate 1/2 Dome Convex Mirror 600mm

    Anti-Ligature Polycarbonate 1/2 Dome Mirror - Securikey

    Be safe and secure with this Securikey M17537H Anti-Ligature 1/2 Dome wide angle polycarbonate mirror designed to be used in high security cells and bedrooms.
    Securikey Institutional 1/2 Dome Polycarbonate Convex Mirror 600mm wide for use in secure institutions such as secure wards or detainment rooms with anti-tamper fixings and virtually ligature f...

    £309.00 inc VAT
  4. Duravision Institutional Mirror Stainless Anti-Ligature 500x250mm 1/2 Dome

    Anti-Ligature Stainless Steel 1/2 Dome Mirror - Securikey

    Police Approved Detention Cell Anti-Ligature 1/2 Dome 180 degree wide angle mirror. Manufactured from convex stainless steel and anti-tamper fittings 
    Duravision Police Approved Institutional Mirror Stainless Steel Anti-Ligature 500x250mm 1/2 Dome for wide angle surveillance in secure institutions, such as police detainment rooms, prison cells a...

    £414.00 inc VAT
  5. Securikey Anti-Ligature Institution Ceiling Dome Mirror 500mm

    Anti-Ligature Stainless Steel Dome 50cm Mirror - Securikey

    Securikey Institutional Ant-Ligature Dome 50cm Ceiling Dome Convex Mirror for Correctional, Detainment, NHS and Psychiatric Institutions - Developed to meet the stringent requirements of the UK Home Office and the London Metropolitan Police.
    This Stainless Steel 500mm diameter Ceiling Dome is virtually ligature free for wide angle surveillance. This ...

    £522.00 inc VAT
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