Retail Security Mirrors

Retail Security Mirrors

Wide angle convex security surveillance mirrors for shops and stores. allow viewing of blind spots to reduce shoplifting. Choose from Convex Wall Mounted mirrors  or Ceiling Dome Mirrors that offer a 360 degree view that are attached directly to the celing or are suspended by chains.

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  1. Security Surveillance Convex Wall Mirror 30cm - Vialux

    Indoor Surveillance Convex Wall Mirror 30cm - Vialux 103

    Indoor Security and Surveillance Mirror - This Vialux 103 Convex Wall Fitted Mirror offers a wide angle and with only a 30cm diameter that takes up little space.
    The mirror is supplied with a rigid arm or as an option a flexible arm - both fully adjustable via a ball joint attachment to the mirror. The Vialux 103 Safety, Security and Surveillance Con...

    Special Price£62.10 inc VAT

    Was £69.00

  2. Wide Angle Security Surveillance Wall Mirror  - Detective-X 30cm

    Moravia Detective-X 30cm Indoor Convex Security Mirror

    The Detective-X 300mm diameter interior convex security mirror is ideal for retail shops to reduce shoplifting or as a safety mirror in all public buildings. It come with an adjustable arm wall bracket and can be adjusted to open up those blind spots.

    Special Price£70.20 inc VAT

    Was £78.00

  3. Moravia Panoramic 2 way Vision 90-Deg 100cm Dome Mirror

    Moravia Panoramic 2 way Vision 49cm 1/4 Dome Mirror

    Panoramic Extra Large 49cm 1/4 Dome 90 degree Convex Acrylic - 49x49x40 cm - safety and security surveillance mirror ideal to be positioned at a 90 degree corner in a corridor for surveillance by positioning in a corner of any room.

    Special Price£75.60 inc VAT

    Was £84.00

  4. Moravia Panoramic 3 way Vision 100cm 180 degrees 1/2 Dome Convex Wall Mirror in use

    Moravia Panoramic 3 way Vision 100cm 1/2 Dome Mirror

    3 Way vision 100cm 1/2 dome wide angle wall mirror - Fits on wall, ideally facing a t-junction to allow viewing both left and right. Panoramic 180 degree view.
    Panoramic 180 degree view half dome wide angle acrylic mirror 900mm diameter. Ideal for indoor use at T junctions to offer a 3 way view. Improves safety in corridors in public buildings

    Special Price£137.70 inc VAT

    Was £153.00

  5. Moravia Panoramic 4 way Vision 100cm Ceiling Dome Mirror

    Moravia Panoramic 4 way Vision 100cm Ceiling Dome Mirror

    Moravia Panoramic 4 way Vision 100cm Ceiling Dome Safety Mirror - Ideal for improving Surveillance in shops or for reducing accidents in warehouses and industrial locations
    Panoramic Dome 360 degree view 1000mm diameter Convex Acrylic Wide Angle Mirror for viewing in 4 directions with optional 4m chain set to hang from taller ceilings

    Special Price£299.70 inc VAT

    Was £333.00

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