Robert's Ratings

What is Robert's Rating?

Safe Options has been in the forefront of the online shopping revolution since 1999 and have discovered that there is a massive demand for clear and concise information with regards to Fire and Security storage from the consumer, whether they be from the private, business or public sector. The problem has been that there is an overload (not to mention confusing!) amount of options available and these complicate the decision process.


"Robert's Ratings" has its origins from this experience and therefore Robert has given his honest opinion about each and every safe we sell. Robert is the founder of Safe Options and has over 25 years experience in the storage industry. Robert speaks to many customers who are confused about safes, and he wants to make the buying process easier for everyone - so that's why he now rates every safe - so you can easily understand the features and benefits of each one.

Gold Security 1 Star and Fire 30 minutesOn each fire or security safe you will find it has a Green Ribbon displayed, which quickly allows you, the customer, to differentiate between the various levels of security and fire resistance we offer.

Our security levels include Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, and on each level a simple padlock grading system of 1-3 differentiates between these further. For instance, Bronze 3 is more secure than Bronze 2, but Silver 1 is better again.

Our fire resistance levels are denoted by 1-4 flames and the advisory or tested fire resistance time, such as 4 flames, offers better fire resistance than 3 flames, and 60 minutes will withstand a fire longer than 30 minutes.

This system easily distinguishes the quality of security from theft and the resistance to fire given by each safe we offer for sale.

In addition we are building up a unique database of independent reviews of safes on the UK market, which will allow consumers to see what Robert's opinion is before they buy.

Safe Options believes this approach offers a new and completely transparent way to communicate the features, benefits and value of a product that has been hitherto confusing and clouded by industry jargon.

On other information pages on Safe Options we have various Buyers Guides to assist the first time buyer in the essential differences between, for instance, Security Safes and Fire Resistant safes. Furthermore there are important differences within the fire resistant storage sector - a fire safe that wil protect Paper may NOT protect digital media or Tape media from the effects of heat and smoke. So our Buyers Guides, coupled with both Robert's Ratings and our Safe Reviews are there to help and guide you through the complete decision process to ensure that you obtain the appropriate fire protection and security for your cash and valuables.