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Reduce the risk of till snatches with our range of Drop Safes designed with retail shops and cash-heavy stores in mind. No matter what your turnover we have a Money Deposit Safe to suit your needs. Choose from Drawer Drop Safes, Cash Rotary Deposit Safes, Hopper Drop Safes and more. All designed to suit your office or retail security needs. We offer front loading, rotary drop, top loading or through the wall deposit safes for cash or keys. 
Drop safes are especially useful for seven till late convenience stores, off-licences, petrol stations, betting shops - anywhere where cash is collected in public areas.

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  1. Securikey Mini Vault Silver Deposit Safe 2 Key Lock deposit - safe door open

    Securikey Mini Vault 2DK £3,000 Key Lock Deposit Safe

    Securikey Mini Vault Drop Safe Size 2 Key Lock with a £3000 Insurance Cash rating and includes 12 cash deposit cannisters. To meet testing and insurance regulations security safes should always be bolted through the base - back fixing is just an extra precaution.

    £459.00 inc VAT


  2. Burton Teller V-Trap Drawer Deposit Safe Size 1 Key Lock

    Burton Teller V-Trap 1K Key Lock Deposit Drawer Safe

    The Burton Teller V-Trap Size 1 Key locking Front Loading V-trap Cash Deposit Safe is designed to allow the safe depositing of cash without reducing security.
    The V-Trap deposit drawer allows easy and safe depositing, but due to the anti-fish design the deposited cash cannot be removed except by unlocking the main safe door. The Burton Teller V-Trap...

    £582.00 inc VAT



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What is a Drop Safe?
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