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The one addition that many people will add to their gardens is a shed. We’ve all heard the jokes about men who make this little “hut” they’re own getaway from all things annoying in the home. However, these out-buildings, for most, provide a very practical purpose. Even if you have a garage, a shed can help to make sure you don’t take up space with every-day gardening tools and other things associated with your garden such as excess bags of soil or empty plant pots. You can even use your shed to store things like bicycles which can take up precious space in your garage. The question is do you choose a steel or wooden shed? In this article, we aim to give you some answers that will hopefully help you make a decision.

Steel Sheds: The Pros

For a start, having a steel shed can offer you more security in terms of protecting what’s inside. One reason for this is that if you do happen to be unlucky enough for a would-be thief to make their way into you garden in the dead of night the sight of a steel shed with a secure lock will most certainly act as a deterrent. Steel sheds are also very hard-wearing; they won’t become affected by the elements quite as badly as their wooden counterparts simply because of the material that’s used.

Steel Sheds: The Cons

It has to be said, steel sheds are not as attractive as wooden sheds. They look far more practical and it’s very hard to make something like this look like it fits into the overall look of your garden. This material is also far more expensive but, having said that, you won’t need to maintain it overall quite as much (more on that below). Although more hard-wearing, steel sheds can become rusty over time but, there are companies out there that have thought about this.

Wooden Sheds: The Pros

Wooden sheds do look much more attractive than steel and they can blend into the overall look of your garden much better. They’re also cheaper than their steel counterparts. Construction of a wooden shed can also be much simpler than steel. Imagine trying to put together a flat-packed steel shed compared to wood? The chances are you’ll need less heavy duty tools to help you with a wooden one and, wood is generally much easier to work with.

Wooden Sheds: The Cons

We come back to durability. Yes, wooden sheds are cheaper BUT, they will need regular maintenance to make sure they stay in tip-top condition. When you weigh-up the initial cost of steel as oppose to wood and then add the maintenance into that cost, the chances are you’ll save money with steel. Wood can also be susceptible to the elements even if it has been protected. Unlike steel, wood will contract or expand depending on the temperature. Over time, this will cause cracks and other issues that will make your shed less of a secure option for the precious objects you have inside.

Whether you choose wood or steel is up to you but, do think about the security you need, what aesthetics you’re looking for and above all durability.