Sometimes it is necessary to have quick access to the keys to a property. This is especially relevant in times of emergency, where the emergency services may need quick access to a building in order to try and save lives. Access can be gained by knowing the keycode, meaning anyone can be given access if necessary. A key deposit box prevents the fire brigade from having to force their way into a building which can cause considerable damage and which can be costly to repair. This can be especially expensive in case of a false alarm, when the damage done in order to access the building was not even necessary.

The Benefits of Using a Key Deposit Box

Key deposit boxes can be useful for all sorts of people who might struggle to carry their keys around with them but want to know they are safe – from your teenage children who are always losing them and having to ask you for more sets to those who like to go for a run and can’t find a suitable place to put them while out running. While it may seem like a minor inconvenience, carry large sets of bulky keys everywhere can be a real nuisance. Storing keys in a key deposit box gives you peace of mind, knowing that simply by issuing a person with a four digit code they can gain access to your home at any time. The code can of course be quickly and easily changed should you require it.

Businesses and Organisations That Use Key Deposit Boxes

Key deposit boxes allow speedy access for authorised people, while preventing any access to unauthorised persons.  This makes them ideal for situations in which keys need to be shared by many people, and prevents them from getting lost. Large offices can use key deposit boxes to store keys for office workers to collect to save them having to carry them around with them, and to prevent keys from being lost.

With some larger models storing hundreds of keys inside, key deposit boxes are often used by hotels or rental apartments to store a number of keys in a safe place, and to keep track of them. This allows for easy and organised storage of a number of keys which might otherwise become confused or get muddled. Many contain fixed hooks with a numbering system and stickers to make coding your keys easy to do.

Deposit Boxes for Safe Key Storage

It is possible to get a key deposit box which has a slot allowing users to deposit their keys safely without needing to open the safe, and prevents them from leaving their keys on the reception desk which is not always safe. This is ideal for hotel key returns where a member of staff is not always able to be present at reception, allowing hotel users to leave their keys in a safe place rather than carrying them with them.

To prevent unauthorised entry is it important that any key deposit box is sturdy in construction and protected against forced entry.