Post lockers are convenient to have in schools for storage and distribution of newsletters, and other personal information within the academic facility.

Designed for use in schools, colleges, offices, and hospitals, a post box locker has individual compartments which are assigned to a particular person or department. Administrative personnel often select post lockers because they are aesthetically appealing and facilitate an efficient central mail system. In the following article, we’ll explain:

  • How post lockers can be used by students and adults alike
  • Why they are convenient for tight or limited spaces
  • How they can be adapted for a variety of uses

Receive Correspondence with Ease

Schools and institutions of higher learning need a central location where letters, pamphlets, and other mail can be quickly sorted and delivered to the proper party. A post locker box fits the criteria concerning design and construction. The Probe Post Box Locker, spanning 1780mm high and 305mm wide, has steel doors, six functional compartments, and is secured with a cam keylock. The anti-bacterial powder coating, which comes with all the Armour post box lockers offered by Safe Options, helps to reduce the spread of germs caused by high traffic areas. What’s more, they come in attractive colours like red, silver, and blue.

If a student needs to drop off an assignment or note to an administrator they can easily slide it into the 25mm slot. The owner can then retrieve notes or mail at their convenience by opening the secure cam key lock. Apart from storing mail and letter items, post lockers can also be used as a way to temporarily hold small personal belongings.

It Pays To Purchase Multiple

Depending on the size of the school or facility it may be necessary to purchase multiple post lockers. The good news is that you can buy the lockers that fit the space you have available and even save money for doing so.

Post lockers are a cost efficient and economical way to deliver pamphlets, mail, and other paper documents to the appropriate recipient. As previously mentioned they are secured with a cam keylock, are convenient for an array of spaces, and can be used by students or adults alike.