Fire safety regulations are in place to ensure that there is a statutory duty that businesses must meet when it comes to protecting their employees and workplaces from the effects of fire. According to the Association of British Insurers, only a small proportion of businesses actually survive a major fire.

Fire Document Cabinets are designed to hold records of fire risk assessments and log books as well as fire safety equipment which can be accessed by the fire service if need be. The Fire Service may inspect your business premises as well as providing information with a view to reducing fire related deaths and injuries.

What Responsibilities Do Employers Have With Regards To Fire Safety?

Employers are responsible for carrying out a fire risk assessment and having a written emergency plan. Employers must ensure their workers know about any risks in the workplace and that they are trained to know what to do in the event of an emergency. They also have a responsibility to look after fire related equipment. Most non-domestic premises must comply with the Fire Safety Order of 2005. The Order states that every premises has a responsible person who carries out the fire risk assessments and complies with the order. The Fire Safety Order replaces the need for a fire certificate held under the 1971 Fire Precautions Act and these certificates now have no legal status.

What Is A Fire Log Book?

A Fire Log Book helps the responsible person to co-ordinate their fire safety record keeping system. Although the log book itself is not a statutory requirement, there is a requirement to ensure equipment is kept in good working order, training provided to employees, and that a written record of tests is kept. A log book is therefore an ideal tool for businesses to help them maintain their records. It should be kept up to date and available for fire and rescue services to inspect when required. Failure to comply could lead to prosecution.

Fire Document Cabinets are especially designed to securely store these records, which should be reviewed regularly. It is recommended that the log book be kept in a loose leaf format so that pages can be easily replaced when required. The log book should contain useful telephone contacts, records of tests on equipment and notes of false alarms.

What Are Fire Document Cabinets For?

Fire document cabinets are suitable for holding A4 ring binders as well as fire safety equipment. In the event of a fire it is up to the responsible person to prove that all reasonable precautions have been taken to safeguard employees, the public and visitors. Fire document cabinets are designed to safely store this information so that it is available to the authorities. They come supplied with optional lock and keys or tamper-evident door catches, and are usually red in colour, allowing them to be easily located. They are best stored near a reception area and can also be used to store building layouts, which can be useful to fire crews in the event of an emergency.