When you need to store valuables in an area that is damp or wet what are your options?

It is important to keep valuable objects like electronics away from areas where they might get wet. However, there are plenty damp and humid areas where it may be necessary to keep and store valuables. For instance, a public pool is a common place where people need to store items while they swim. Even if the storage is far away from the source of water itself, damp individuals who are coming and going will cause the surrounding area to become wet.

One great way to store valuable items in a wet area is to keep them in a Probe Waterproof Plastic Locker. These are designed to be used in damp areas like saunas and pools and frequently cleaned areas like kitchens. They should not be damaged or negatively affected by moisture, and they even come with an anti-bacterial coating.

If you are setting up swimming pool lockers or any other storage in a damp area here are some more tips to keep your valuables safe from water:

  • Keep lockers under overhangs.
  • Place lockers and any other storage on higher ground.
  • Make sure the location has the proper drainage.

Stay Under Cover

Probe Plastic Lockers are designed to withstand dampness and can be used outdoors, but you should still attempt to keep them under some cover. If a sudden downpour drenches the lockers, even if the items inside are protected they will likely get wet if someone tries to access them. Keeping them under cover will allow you to access your locker even during heavy rain.

Take the High Ground

It is also important to make sure your storage area in on high ground as opposed to a trough or ditch where water might collect. Again, even if the locker will protect its contents, it will be more difficult to get to. A flooded storage area that people are trying to access will create a situation where water, and possibly mud, is more likely to get inside the lockers as they are opened. An elevated area should remain dry and free of puddles.

Use Properly Drained Areas

Even when you are using lockers inside, there may be problems with drainage that can result in puddles and minor flooding. Shower rooms and saunas can easily have small areas where puddles collect. If you are setting up a locker room make sure the surrounding area has the proper drainage to help avoid water collecting around lockers that can potentially hold valuables.

There are several types of lockers and storage containers designed to keep valuables safe but if you are dealing with a damp area, make sure you get one that won’t rust or be affected by moisture.