What is it like to own a safe? Well, one of the best ways we can describe it is like having a life preserver on board a ship. You trust that it won’t actually be put to the test but you are assured in knowing that it is available in case of an emergency. A safe is essentially a safety vest for your valuables. You set your possessions in it, not necessarily expecting a burglar to come busting through the door, but as a safety precaution just in case.

Peace of Mind for Your Possessions

Why do you keep your savings in a bank? For the same reasons you would keep your family heirlooms and valuables in a safe. A bank, like a safe, provides an added level of security and protection which wouldn’t otherwise be available. This isn’t limited to theft, however, because certain safes can also protect against elements like fire and water damage. By the time it takes emergency personnel to reach your place of work or home, your important documents, extra cash, and jewellery could already be up in flames. But, if you store them in a safe like the Phoenix Data Combi DS2502K , all you’d have to worry about is getting yourself out of harm’s way. The Phoenix Data Combi has dual burglary and fire protection up to 120 minutes. It’s ideally suited to protect paper, digital data as well as a cash limit up to £2,500 and £25,000 in valuables.There’s also a greater psychological component than most even think about. Knowing that your safe has been lab tested and certified by a team of trusted professionals adds an extra air of assurance.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

There’s nothing more inconvenient than having to visit your safety deposit box or bank every time you need access to your possessions. Property managers, in charge of important documents and keys know what this is like first hand. Owning a safe provides 24/7 access to all their documents, jewellery, and digital media at the drop of a hat.

Aesthetic Appeal is a Factor

Say you own a business and have chosen to consolidate a portion of your floor space for a safe. If it’s a larger safe, which will undoubtedly be seen by employees or individuals within the organization, it’s important for it to look good. Aesthetic appeal comes second to security level, but nonetheless it’s still a determining factor. Safe owners who invest in luxury safes know the value of its aesthetic appeal and typically match the colour and texture to the surrounding décor. Safe Options, for example, offers a wide array of colours and finishes to suit a variety of tastes. Whether you’re interested in a charcoal, black, or white finish there’s one out there for every pallet. They even have some unique colour combinations like the Securikey Strongbox Extra DIY Floorboard Safe which is available in red.