While you might have a mental list of things it would be good to save in the event of your house burning down, few of us have actually taken the simple step of protecting vital documents by storing them in a fire-proof container. Fire chests are designed to be lightweight enough to lift and come with a carrying handle making them portable, so that if fire or flooding strikes, you can simply lift all your important documentation and take it with you. Because of the robust fireproof materials used in construction, fire chests are considered to be portable but not lightweight and therefore may not be suitable for the elderly.

What Are Fire Chests Designed To Hold?

Small in size, fire chests are suitable for vital pieces of paperwork like legal paperwork, passports, title deeds, wills, birth certificates, and other important documents that you have stored in your home. Instead of keeping them with your other paperwork, it’s best to store this selection of documents in your fire chest. Not only will you not have to rake to find them when you need them, but you will have peace of mind that they will remain protected should a natural disaster occur. Replacing these kind of documents can not only be expensive but can also be very stressful. Other useful items to store in the chest are a spare set of car keys, and photographs of any pets you have (which may help to trace them after a fire.)

How Do Fire Chests Work?

Fire Chests come with a waterproof seal which insulates the interior from any sources of water as well as key locking system to ensure there is no unauthorised access to your personal data. Made with strong materials that provide rugged protection for your valuables, fire chests are suitable for both valuables like jewellery (provided it is stored in an airtight container within the chest) as well as papers. Even when accidentally left unlocked, a spring latch makes sure the unit remains properly closed at all times. Tested to rigorous standards, fire chests offer up to an hour of protection against temperatures up to 1700° F for both papers and your important CDS and DVDS. You should store back ups of your hard disk and precious photographs in your fire chest to prevent them being lost forever.

Why Use A Fire Chest?

Fire chests are compact in size and very versatile. They are ideal for frequent use, so all your important documents can be easily accessed when you need them. They protect a diverse range of items from computer media like memory sticks to DVDs, CDS and paper documents, as well as other small valuable items. If a fire should occur, the chest will give valuable time and protection to your documents until the fire service arrive. Having your insurance information to hand after the event will save a lot of stress.