A work site can be a very hazardous place if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Protecting valuables with a site box can be a great benefit.

Whether your worksite is near your main place of business or in a remote location, it may become necessary for you to keep and store valuables. Things like tools, chemicals and other supplies can be expensive and even dangerous in the wrong hands. This makes it imperative that you keep things in their proper place during the day and safely under lock and key when you leave for the night. A site box can help you do just that. This will help you create a secure cache of supplies that is always at your disposal. Here are the benefits that will be discussed in this article:

  • Outdoor site boxes can keep your valuables safe from weather.
  • Sturdy boxes and cabinets will secure your valuables from opportunistic theft when left unattended.
  • Keeping important equipment in a sturdy box out of the way can protect it from being damaged accidentally.
  • Chemicals can be safely stored in boxes designed to hold hazardous materials.

Safe from the Elements

Outdoor worksites often have limited space to safely store items away from rain and other potentially damaging weather conditions. A site box, chest or cabinet that is designed for outdoor use can not only secure your belongings, it can also protect them from the elements. Tools and equipment that are often necessary for outdoor site work may also be vulnerable to rain and water damage, so having a safe storage option that will keep your tools from being drenched is ideal.

Safe from Theft

Of course, the loss of tools and other valuables can mean a huge loss of money. The main goal of a site box is to keep your valuable equipment behind lock and key to deter theft. For instance, the Armorgard Tuffbank Site Box is a strong sturdy chest with a key lock and fully welded exterior. This means it has no pieces connected by screws that can be exploited to force entry. You can even keep a smaller van site box in a truck bed so that you never have to leave it unattended for long periods of time.

Safe from Accidental Damage

Work sites and warehouses are a common place for moving machinery and vehicles. If valuable equipment is kept on work desks or hung on walls it is possible that they can be damaged throughout the course of the workday. If kept in a sturdy site box it is less likely to be damages by day-to-day accidents.

Safe from Hazardous Spills

Perhaps, you work with chemicals or other materials that can be potentially dangerous if spilled or burned. Specific site boxes are designed to hold such hazardous materials.  The Armorgard Flambank Fire Resistant 1275mm Site Box has flame resistant gauze to protect against fire, a sump base to collect spills and prevent leaks and it even has ventilation to prevent fumes from building up to dangerous levels.

There many potential advantages of including a site box in your work site to increase your security. No matter what type of work site you are in, there is likely a good use for a sturdy box or cabinet.