Lockers are a great investment for a range of premises, from schools to leisure centres, but they are a huge added benefit to businesses operating within the retail sector.

Within a business, a high degree of trust often exists between the employees themselves and between employees and the employer. However, shrinkage (the retail term for theft by staff) is a real problem and it can be hard to combat effectively, particularly if there is a large number of employees. Employers have the potential to save money, and arguments, by having lockers available to all staff members.

As well as helping to increase security, this will help to reduce the amount of caused by personal items being left around.

Why use Probe Vision retail lockers?

Probe Vision retail lockers have become increasingly popular amongst retail stores, as they have a door which has a clear panel so that the items inside can be easily viewed without needing to constantly open and close the doors to see the contents.

These lockers are designed to help reduce shrinkage within a business but are also beneficial in the event of a break in as thieves can see that the lockers are empty or hold no valuables and are less likely to damage them.

There are a few variations of these types of lockers, with different size options, so we have listed a few below to give you an idea of what is on offer:


1. Probe 2-door clear lockerfrom £194.00 inc. VAT

These 2-door lockers are perfect for staff who need more space for clothing or for larger items. The polycarbonate doors are shatter proof and allow for greater visibility of the contents of the locker.  This locker has the added bonus of coat hooks, for easy storage of clothing.


2. Probe 5-door clear locker – from £242.00 inc. VAT

Similarly to the 2-door version, the 5-door clear locker allows for full visibility in to the locker making it a great choice for security. The 5-door version is a good option for businesses where there are a lot of employees and where there is a need to keep bags and other personal belongings safely tucked away.


Both the 2-door and 5-door clear lockers have two lock mechanism options, so employers can choose from a cam lock or a hasp and staple cam lock. They also have a choice of 3 colours: black, silver, white.

 3. Probe 3-door vision panel locker

This 3-door locker still offers great security from burglary and from shrinkage, thanks to the see-through panel in the door. The 3-door option is great if you do not want the lockers to be taking up masses of space, particularly if the premises is already a bit snug.

4. Probe 6-door vision panel locker

We love this 6-door locker as it is an efficient way of creating lots of locker space, without having to have lots of individual lockers installed. Whilst the lockers are smaller than the 2-door version above, they still offer plenty of room for handbags and other smaller items.


Both the 3-door vision locker and the 6-door vision locker come with a good choice of locking options. You can also get these lockers in black, blue, green, red, silver, white and yellow.


For more guidance on purchasing the right lockers for your needs, get in touch with the team at Safe Options on 0800 567 7549 today.