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  • Since the ban on smoking in public places was introduced in the UK we have seen various different erections appear outside buildings where they were once not even thought about. In a pub or restaurant you might find a patio area outdoors complete with heaters so smokers will not be deterred from visiting these establishments. […]

  • The one addition that many people will add to their gardens is a shed. We’ve all heard the jokes about men who make this little “hut” they’re own getaway from all things annoying in the home. However, these out-buildings, for most, provide a very practical purpose. Even if you have a garage, a shed can […]

  • There are various ways to store your bicycle at home so that it stays dry and is less vulnerable to damage and theft. These include storing it indoors, locking it in an external building or chaining it to a permanent structure such as a bike rack or fence. Storing Your Bike Indoors You can store […]

  • Storing a bike securely at home or at the office can be difficult. Bicycles are attractive targets for thieves thanks to their high value and easy portability. Having your bike stolen leaves you not only out of pocket but also without transport until you can get a replacement. Here are some ways that you can […]

  • Padlocks come in a wide range of types, materials, locks, and key options. The security of a cabinet with a padlock is a minefield of considerations. It is not a simple decision to make and it is worth bearing in mind a few key considerations. Making do with just any old padlock could result in […]

  • Cycling safety was a key issue tackled by London Mayoral candidates in their battle for votes. At a meeting organised by the Times, the five candidates answered questions and presented their plans for ensuring cycle safety in the capital. Incumbent Conservative candidate Boris Johnson said he was committed to provide more cycle superhighways, to install […]

  • With the rise of fuel prices and a poor economy, more people than ever are beginning to pass up a drive in their car for a ride on their bike. Depending where you are located, you will often find bike trails, shortcuts and at the very least, bike lanes to ride your bike on. Not […]

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