Whether you rent or own your property, the odds of your house being burgled are fairly high. Based on information collected by the Crime Survey for England and Wales, in 2011 nearly 745,000 domestic burglaries were documented plus an additional 258,148 were recorded by police during the same time period. While these statistics have gone down since the survey was last conducted, the likelihood of a break-in is still a very real possibility and it’s not exclusive to homes in “poor neighbourhoods.” Criminals target homes where they think they can find some worthwhile valuables. Jewellery is one of the main things they hunt for. Jewellery safes are a great way to protect your most precious diamonds and pearls in the event of a robbery but how can you tell if you really need one? Here are a couple ways to determine if you might benefit from a home jewellery safe.

You Have jewellery

A few valueless trinkets may not require a quality jewellery case but if you have priceless necklaces, rings and earrings, you’d be well off keeping them in a certified safe. Find a safe that is certified to hold the value of your jewellery. For instance, the Phoenix Diamond HS1011E safe is certified to hold £100,000 worth of jewellery.

You are Often Away from Your Home

If you are like many people who are away from their homes during the day, you should consider a safe. Burglars target homes that are left unattended all day long in order to avoid confrontations. The hours while you’re away are the ideal time for a burglar to intrude, nab your jewels and leave.

If you have items that are of any significant value, it is a good idea to protect them with a quality home jewellery safe.