Shopping for a safe for the first time can be a substantial undertaking. Between the ratings, lock features, and warranties you may feel overwhelmed and even uneducated about what components to look for. The main distinction between the types of safes available on the market is their intended function. For example, a small, middle-class family wouldn’t require the same level of protection as a corporate office building or hotel. For now, let’s focus on the top safes for homes and non-commercial facilities.

Biometric Fingerprint Safes Are Hands-On

One of the first things burglars target during a break-in is jewellery and spare cash. Biometric fingerprint safes are quite popular for their accessibility and ample storage capacity. With just one swipe of your finger the safe will automatically open. Other options include storing multiple user fingerprints as well as adding master and user PIN codes. The Burton Biosec Home Fingerprint Safe, offered by Safe Options, has a second tiered bronze level of protection with a biometric fingerprint lock and digital keypad. Depending on the space, it can be secured with bolts or through the back wall. It can hold up to £1,000 in cash and £10,000 in valuables.

Ideal for: Jewellery, cash, collectables, and important documents.

Warranty: 2 years

Fire-Resistant Safes Help You Keep Your Cool

Fire-resistant safes are engineered to keep your documents, jewellery, and heirlooms safe in the event of a fire. Hybrid burglar and fire safes provide dual levels of protection against entry. Not only will they keep the contents of the safe at a low enough temperature during a fire but they are also designed to impede professional thieves. Entry level safes come in a range of fire protection levels. The Chubbsafes EARTH 15K Key Lock Security Safe comes with a second tier silver level of protection and up to 15 minutes of fire protection. The body of its 8mm thick steel door and 3mm thick steel body is complemented by double-wall construction of specially crafted fire retardant material. Considering the highest level of fire retardant safes reach 120 minutes, it’s definitely not the most fire resistant mechanism but quite appropriate for a first time safe owner.

Fire Protection for: Thermal Insulation for paper

Warranty: 1 year

Another great introductory safe, also designed by Chubbsafe is the Executive 15K 1 hour Fire Safe Key Lock. Aside from being more fire resistant, this safe is free standing and offers a do it yourself installation kit. This safe is highly recommended if you work from home or on college grounds and need a solid fire resistant safe for your sensitive documents.

Fire Protection for: Paper Documents (60 minutes)

Warranty: 1 year

One factor to keep in mind if you’re going to purchase a fire-resistant safe is the level of security compared to a regular home safe. Some of the fire resistant safes are easier for advanced burglars to break into because of the lock mechanism. Safe Options is known for its high quality locks so this shouldn’t be a concern, but with other manufacturers be sure to check their product safety evaluations.

Biometric fingerprint safes, fire-resistant and free standing safes are all appropriate instruments for securing your personal documents and valuables. If you’re still unsure what the most suitable choice is, consult an expert in the industry or request performance evaluations from the manufacturer directly.