The top five underfloor safes are all offered by Burton and Key Secure, both leading suppliers of home and commercial safes throughout the UK and Ireland. An underfloor safe is a foremost choice by business owners as well as homeowners to secure cash, jewellery and other valuable items.

Making an investment in a safe should be a carefully thought out decision. Potential buyers should evaluate the space they have available, their price point, as well as the features they consider to be of utmost importance. By the end of this article, you should:

  • Know which underfloor safes are the top five in the industry
  • Have a solid understanding of the features that come with each one
  • Have a better idea whether an underfloor safe is right for you

Burton Watchman Deposit Combination Safe

The Burton Watcham ABP Deposit Dial Combo Underfloor Safe scores at the top of our list for its excellence in a few key areas. It has one of the highest Insurance Cash and Valuables Ratings of any underfloor safe—£12,000 and £120k respectively— which makes it ideal for business or commercial use. It has an ABP Door (Anti-Blow Pipe) for added security, a three wheel dial mechanical combination lock as well as 10 deposit capsules. As an added protection measure, the spacious interior has flock-lined shelving to prevent unintentional damage to your contents.

Key Secure Valiant Deposit Safe 

The Key Secure Valiant ABP, Size 3 Deposit Underfloor Safe offers a third-tier Silver level of protection. Whether you need it to store cash overnight in your business or want it for residential use, this underfloor safe is well suited for both. It has an Insurance Cash Rating of £10,000 and Insurance Valuables Rating of £100,000. Unlike the Burton Watchman, this safe has a security key lock that comes supplied with two keys, just in case one gets lost or misplaced. It comes with two deposit capsules and you have the option to purchase additional capsules through Safe Options.

Key Secure Fortress Cash Safe

The Key Secure Fortress, as its name implies is literally a fortress for your cash, jewellery, and other important possessions. The Insurance Cash Rating reaches up to £6,000 and Insurance Valuables Rating is £60,000. The round screw-in lid and security key lock makes retrieving your contents simple yet secure. As an added bonus it also comes with two retaining lugs and relocking devices.

Burton Claymore Safe Combination Lock

The Burton Claymore 9 Underfloor Safe has a combination lock that requires no batteries or keys. Simply program the code you want and you’ve got quality protection. The re-locking device secures the door in case of an attack and the lock is protected by a hardened plate. Although it’s quite affordably priced, it still maintains an Insurance Cash Rating of £3,000/£30,000 for valuables.

Securikey Strongbox Floorboard Security Safe

The Securikey Strongbox Extra DIY Floorboard Safe is the final safe on our list for its ease of use and affordability. If you want a DIY safe that still has an Insurance Cash Rating of £1,000 and £10,000 for valuables this is the one for you.

These five underfloor safes are all guaranteed to meet your criteria for quality and security. Safe Options has a range of underfloor safes to meet any budget and nearly every space requirement.