As you well know, fire cabinets are an essential purchase for schools, particularly at exam time. This is because a safe, secure and fireproof place is needed to store exam papers before and after they are used. Teachers will also need somewhere to put items such as mobile phones and bulky valuables that have usually been confiscated from pupils during examinations. These cabinets must comply with regulations set down by the JCQ.

Take a look below at five of the best fire cabinets currently available. These models are regulation compliant, fire resistant and have high security locks fitted. They are all designed to store and protect examination papers from fire and theft.

Phoenix FS1513K Fire Ranger 30 Mins

  • Price: £879.00
  • Dimensions: 1950mm(H) x 930mm(W) x 520mm(D)
  • Cash/Valuables Limit: £1,500 cash / £15K valuables

ph-fs1513kThe Phoenix FS1513K Fire Ranger cabinet is ideal for storing large valuables such as mobile phones and exam papers, as well as large box files and ring binders. Staying true to its name, the Fire Ranger can keep your paper records safe in a fire for up to thirty minutes as 500C. The cabinet is made secure by a VDS Class 1 key-lock and is finished in scratch resistant paint.

Phoenix FS1513E Fire Ranger 30 Mins Electronic

  • Price: £915.00
  • Dimensions: 1950mm(H) x 930mm(W) x 520mm(D)
  • Cash/Valuables Limit: £1,500 cash / £15K valuables

ph-fs1513eThis robustly built cabinet offers 30 minutes of fire protection and can store £1,500 in cash and/or £15K in valuables. It’s spacious design allows you to store larger items such as exam papers, tobacco products, ring binders and box files. A battery-powered digital electronic lock keeps the cabinet secure.

Lloyd Fire Security Cupboard 90D

  • Price: £1,014.00
  • Dimensions: 1950mm(H) x 930mm(W) x 520mm(D)
  • Cash/Valuables Limit: £2000 cash / £20K valuables

SF-LLOYD-90D-openThe Lloyd Fire Security Cupboard features four adjustable shelves and enough storage space for large items such as tobacco products, exam papers and mobile phones. You should also be able to store many box files and ring binders as well. The cupboard is designed to offer 30 minutes of fire protection and is secured by a standard double bitted key lock.

Chubbsafes Archive XL Fire Cabinet Size 640

  • Price: £1,106.00
  • Dimensions: 1950mm(H) x 950mm(W) x 550mm(D)
  • Cash/Valuables Limit: £1000 cash / £10K valuables

Chubbsafe-Archive-Size-3-06Designed to store laptop computers, exam papers and large valuables, the Chubbsafes Archive XL Fire Cabinet is ideal for school use. The cabinet complies with the JCQ Exam paper storage regulations and is also thermally insulated for paper, keeping exam papers safe in event of a fire. The layout of the interior can be changed thanks to the four adjustable shelves and is kept safe with a high-security key lock.

Chubbsafes Office 785E 2 hour Fire Cabinet Electronic

  • Price: £3,044.00
  • Dimensions: 1695mm(H) x 1206mm(W) x 654mm(D)
  • Cash/Valuables Limit: £1,500 cash / £15K valuables

GU-Office_785_EL_004With an internal width of one metre and three adjustable shelves, this cabinet provides ample room for all types of paper documentation. There is also plenty of space for ring binders and box files inside. Your paperwork is kept doubly safe thanks to its 2 hour fire protection rating and high quality electronic digital lock.