When purchasing a business safe, there are a few key things to consider and the process can be daunting. You first need to establish what will be stored in the safe, whether that be important documents, cash and other valuables such as keys and electronic devices. Other factors such as overnight storage and the amount of cash/valuables being held will also factor in to your decision.

It is also worth evaluating what is most important, be that fire protection or protection against crime. According to the Home Office the business premises with the most crime incidents are wholesale and retail and the biggest crimes are theft and burglary.

We’ve chosen our top 5 business safes to keep your assets protected:

1. Best Business Security Safe

Chubbsafes ProGuard 110K Eurograde 2 High Security Safe – from £1,580 inc. VAT

Chubbsafes ProGuard 110K Eurograde 2 High Security Safe

This safe has an Insurance Cash Rating of £17,500 or £175,000 for valuables such as jewellery. It is secured by a high security double bitted key lock, has been tested to EN1143-1 and approved by AIS – the Association of Insurance Surveyors.

It is a perfect business safe for retailers who want to secure important documents, small electronics and jewellery. It has been designed to resist serious burglary attempts, making it an ideal choice for businesses that want to store cash overnight.

Rating: Gold Award


  •  Security key locking
  • Dualite torch resistant barrier material
  • Two Adjustable Shelves included as standard
  • Extra shelves, internal drawer or lockable cupboard available
  • Internal capacity is 110 Litres
  • Ready prepared for floor fixing, with fixing bolts for concrete supplied


2. Best Business High Security Deposit Safe

 Phoenix Diamond Cash Deposit HS1090KD  – from £1,244 inc. VAT

Phoenix Diamond Cash Deposit HS1090KD

The Phoenix Diamond HS1090KD is tested to EN1143-2:2014 and Certified by both Secure by Design (the Official Police Security Initiative) and the Association of Insurance Surveyors. It features a large lockable pull out deposit drawer, allowing cash and small parcels to be dropped into the safe without opening the main safe door.

A great choice for larger businesses, the Phoenix Diamond HS1090KD has £10,000 cash burglary protection.

Rating: Gold


  • High security VdS class 1 key lock
  • Drawer deposit is secured by multiple locking bolts plus a VdS key lock
  • Double walled composite construction for extra security
  • Anti-drill hardened plates & re-locker door protection
  • Secured by robust 3 way locking bolts
  • Finished in a high quality scratch resistant white finish – RAL9003
  • Suitable for all businesses storing up to £10,000 of cash in note or coin form


3. Best Business Fire Document Cabinet 

Chubbsafes Archive Fire Resistant Security Cabinet Size 640 – from £1,194 inc. VAT

Chubbsafes Archive Fire Resistant Security Cabinet Size 640

This safe is designed to store large quantities of important paper documents and has complies with JCQ exam paper storage regulations, making it perfect for schools and businesses. It features fire resistant insulation between the inner and outer walls of the cabinet for maximum protection.

Rating: Bronze


  • Extra-large capacity of 640 litres
  • Twin heavy duty doors with 3-way bolt work
  • 4 adjustable shelves
  • Optional roll out suspension file cradles
  • Optional internal cupboard
  • High security EN1300 Class A tested key lock fitted with 2 keys with optional upgrade to a reprogrammable digital electronic lock
  • Can be bolted to ground via pre-drilled anchoring points if required
  • Finished in a light grey powder coat to match most office furniture


4. Best Business Fire Data Safe

Phoenix Datacare DS2002K Data Fire SafePhoenix Datacare DS2002K Data Fire Safe – from £622 inc. VAT

The Phoenix Datacare DS2002K Data Fire Safe is a great choice for protection of both tape and digital data and devices, offering up to 90 minutes protection from the effects of fire.

Rating: Bronze


  • Tested to NT Fire 017-90DIS – protection of Computer Back-up tapes
  • Fire and impact tested – dropped 9.1 metres
  • Free replacement in the event of a fire
  • Water resistance – double door construction with twin waterproof seals on inner door
  • Intumescent seals on outer door to prevent fire damage
  • High quality key lock with 2 keys
  • 2 height adjustable shelves as standard


5. Best Business Retail Shop Deposit Safe

Phoenix SS0996ED Cash Drop SafePhoenix SS0996ED Cash Drop Safe – from £486 inc. VAT

This cash drop safe is fitted with a special Phoenix tilting baffle plate, meaning that the contents cannot be ‘fished out’. It has been designed for the collection of money, allowing immediate deposit of cash without the need to unlock the safe or for a cashier to hold any keys. It has an insurance cover of £3000 cash or £30,000 valuables.

Rating: Bronze


  • High Security Electronic Lock with LED display
  • Lock features include: Dual control, Hidden and Scrambled Code
  • Fitted with special baffle plate to prevent fishing out the contents
  • Special night lockout plate for increased protection and security out of hours
  • Constructed from high quality 6mm steel plate body and 12mm door
  • Upper and Lower Security Sections for Coin Handling and Storage
  • Large capacity drop area for money bags, envelopes, packages and deposit capsules

If you need help choosing the right safe for your business and would like to discuss the different options available to you, get in touch with our experts today. Or, browse our online shop and quote ‘BLOG’ at the checkout for 5% off thousands of security and storage products.