What is the most common question I get? “What Home Safe should I go for?”

Immediately I need to know the answer to a few simple questions:

  • What do you want to secure in your home safe?
  • Where do you want to locate your home safe?
  • How much do you want to spend on a home safe?

But sometimes customers just want to find out what home safes I prefer.

So here goes.

I have the top five home safes that should make you excited, for a diversity of reasons: each home safe has unique attributes that satisfy your individual priorities.

Best Home Safe for Security

Burton Torino Gold Electronic NMP/4P Security Cash SafeThe Burton Torino Gold offers fully independent tested security from forced entry – choose from 4 sizes and from key operated or digital electronic locks. Both locking systems are equally secure. As an anti-burglary safe for the home there is no better in this price range – the Burton Torino Gold is AIS approved (Association of Insurance Surveyors), Sold Secure Gold Tested, EN14450- S2 tested – better than any other similarly priced safe for the home.

Our choice from this range is the Burton Torino Gold NMT/4P – top quality, proven electronics, reliability and great value.

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Best Home Safe for Fire Resistance

Sentry Big Bolts Fire Water Safe SFW123GTC Digital LockThere are plenty of fire resistant home safes on the market, but very few that are fully tested to not only protect your paper documents and digital media from fire, but also are fully tested to protect your valuables from water too.

The Sentry Safe SFW123GTC BIG BOLTS safe is a fire resistant and water resistant home safe, with some really useful features. It’s not called “BIG BOLTS” for nothing – check out the 1inch (25mm) diameter security bolts – extra security as well as protection from heat and flood damage.

Want to know more? – read our review

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Best Home Safe for Underfloor Hidden Storage

Churchill Domestic Underfloor DL2 Key Lock Security Cash SafeMany customers want more than just security – they want their safe hidden from view too. The most popular type of hidden safe in the UK is the underfloor design and the best selling model in the UK is the Churchill Domestic D2L

Churchill safes are the premier manufacturer of hidden under floor safes in the world and the Domestic D2L offers security at a very economic price. By protecting the safe underground it is more secure and can easily be hidden under a carpet, rug or under furniture. Installation is very simple for any DIY enthusiast or for your local builder using a quality concrete mix.

The Churchill Domestic has an advisory cash rating for Insurance purposes of £4000 or up to £40,000 for valuables such as jewellery.

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Best Home Safe on a Budget

Chubbsafes AIR Laptop Security Digital SafeIf you only need a safe to protect low value items or if you believe that your building is pretty secure from break-ins then a budget security safe should be sufficient for your needs. There are many to choose from, but one that stands out from the crowd is the new Chubbsafes AIR range from the Chubbsafes Elements range. The AIR range includes a variety of models, but the most useful is the AIR Laptop – a security safe that is wide enough to accommodate most Laptop computers or tablets such as the Apple iPAD, but also can store cash, jewellery, passports and cameras.

Our independent review offers the full specification with all the Pros and Cons.

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Best Home Safe for both Fire and Security

Phoenix Citadel SS1191K Security Safe Key LockWhat if you want protection from everything? Choosing a safe that offers you high security for home use plus fire resistance for your vital documents or digital records is more difficult, but Phoenix Safe have an answer. The new Phoenix Citadel offers both fire resistance and real tested security at a great price – fully tested to EN14450-S2 giving an insurance cash rating of £4000 plus 30 minutes fire resistance for both paper and digital media. In addition the Phoenix Citadel SS1191K comes complete with expansion bolts to secure the safe to the ground.

Our independent review gives the full details.

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