Lockers are becoming more common in schools and businesses as a method of storing personal belongings. They offer many benefits in premises such as schools or offices, where students or employees may be carrying lots of different bags and items with them.

Here are the top reasons why you may want to consider investing in storage lockers:


If lockers are installed a variety of items can be stored safely and securely throughout the day whilst people go about their day.

Storage lockers offer greater peace of mind for those carrying valuable items or important work, particularly if they spend a lot of time in and out of meetings.


Space saving

Whilst many people worry that lockers can look bulky and take up room, they are in fact excellent for saving space and keeping areas clutter free.

Excess belongings and paperwork can be stowed away until they are needed, leaving more space on desks and surrounding spaces.

Storage lockers are uniform, so look much better than lots of untidy and non-matching shelves or pidgeon holes. Not only that, but you can now get them in a huge variety of sizes, a big improvement on the ancient bulky looking lockers.


Health and safety

Having storage lockers in an office or school can make everything a bit safer. With less excess baggage on floors and on desks there are also less trip hazards around. This is particularly true in buildings where there is a high volume of people or where space is restricted.

Lockers are great for storing spare clothes for those after work gym sessions or for keeping jackets stowed away during the day.


Can strengthen branding

Generally, when choosing a storage locker like this Probe steel 5-door locker, you can also choose door colours. Matching lockers to your brand colours can be a fantastic way of making an inside space come alive.

Lockers can be stylish and practical at the same time and are the perfect way to make use of an otherwise boring and empty space whilst reducing the amount of clutter elsewhere.


To discover which storage locker is best for you, please browse our superb range or alternatively contact a member of our team to discuss your needs.