Vehicle security safes are designed to protect valuables like keys, phones and laptop computers when you need to leave them behind in your car. Many vehicles contain expensive tools with good resale value, and these can also be stored overnight in a safe rather than left unsecured in a van or car. They are also ideal for those who collect cash in their delivery vehicles and need to safely store it until the end of the day when it can be removed and taken to an office or to the bank.

Protecting Your Valuables On The Move

It’s always better to leave high value items at home rather than risking having them on display in your car, which can entice car thieves into opportunistic crimes. However many of us will want to travel with our cameras and phones when on holiday, and other accessories like our phone chargers. Keeping them out of sight in the glove box or boot is better than having them visible to all, but thieves are well aware of these hiding places and may be watching you as you transfer these items into and out of your car. You should always lock doors and windows, even if you are only leaving the car for a minute or two. Don’t cover items with blankets – this is a sure sign to a thief that you could be hiding something precious.

Thefts From Parked Cars

It takes only a matter of seconds for a thief to break into a stationary vehicle and to locate your valuables. There are few hiding places in a car or lorry, and valuables that are on show are prime targets for opportunist crime. You may get a surprise if your car is broken into about what items your insurance will cover. Some basic auto insurance policies only cover permanently installed items, so make sure your personal property is covered. Thieves often target cars parked at walking sites, knowing that the owners will be away for a long time and will probably have left their bulky items like briefcases and purses behind. Those who carry cash over night or have important documents stored in their vehicles should seriously consider investing in a vehicle security safe.

Protecting Business Equipment While You Travel

Laptop computers are top of the list for thieves and with mobile working on the increase, more gadgets that allow for working on the move are being stored in vehicles. Businesses need to secure their data to make sure confidential information does not fall into the wrong hands and end up in the public domain, and this threat can be dealt with by ensuring that cars are fitted with vehicle security safes. It’s not possible or realistic to expect an employee to always carry their IT equipment around with them at all times, and to insist on this could be a health and safety concern. Secure safes installed in vehicles make it safe for employees to leave their equipment behind in the knowledge it cannot be stolen or tampered with.