Top products at significant discounts!

We’ve carefully selected some of our favourite safety and security products and discounted them for the whole of October.
This month’s selection includes high-spec safes and cabinets, bargain lockers, some essential workplace safety kit, and more.

  • High Security £6k Cash Safe – Burg Wachter – Now £560.00 + VAT
  • 48 Laptop Security Cupboard – De Raat – Now £1749.00 + VAT
  • Fire Document Security Cabinet – De Raat – Now £1049.00 + VAT
  • Extra Secure Key Cabinet with 50 Hooks – KeySecure – Now £119.00 + VAT
  • Steel Cube Locker – Probe – Now £34.00 + VAT
  • Flammable Liquid Storage COSHH Cabinet – Bedford – Now £215.00 + VAT
  • Floor-Mounted Steel Hoop Barrier – Moravia – Now £105.00 + VAT
  • Extending Telescopic Swivel Barrier for Car Parks – ProCity – £549.00 + VAT
  • Convex Acrylic Security Mirror – Moravia – Now £43.50 + VAT
  • Clip-on Personal Attack Alarm – Securikey – Now £7.99 + VAT

Secure Your Precious Belongings with this Gold Rated Safe

High Security £6k Cash Safe – Burg Wachter – Now £560.00 + VAT

trmt24nefsThis safe gets a gold security rating from Robert. It’s EuroGrade certified with an insurance rating of £60,000 in valuables and £6,000 in cash. The triple-walled stainless steel body is fire resistant, and the locking mechanism offers ultimate protection against flame-cutting, drilling and attacks. What’s more, this model comes with a high-security fingerprint recognition lock.

If you run your own business or work from home and need to store confidential or important documents, files, valuable stock or cash at home, this is a very secure option and an excellent time to buy this safe at a discount.

Tighten Office Laptops Overnight with this Security Cupboard

48 Laptop Security Cupboard – De Raat – Now £1749.00 + VAT

lldoor_open_-_dk_grey_with_light_grey_interiorSecure storage for office laptops. This cupboard contains four adjustable shelves with vertical dividers suitable for storing and securing up to 48 laptop or tablet computers. The high security double-bitted key lock gives this cupboard an insurance rating of up to £20k for valuables. You can also fit this laptop cupboard with charging points so that it becomes a secure place to leave laptops recharging.

Universities, schools and offices need a safe, secure place to collect and store their laptops. Where do yours currently live overnight? Would they be safe (and insured) in the event of a break-in? Why not invest in a secure storage option at a great price?

Perfect for Exam Papers and Solicitors

Fire Document Security Cabinet – De Raat – Now £1049.00 + VAT

lloyd-100d_openThis fire resistant security cabinet is designed to protect paperwork from fire and theft. With its 3mm steel outer walls and double wall construction, it’s durable and resistant to attempted break-ins. It also boasts secure 3-way locking, and a double-bitted key lock.
A fire-resistant, secure cupboard is vital for solicitors needing a suitable place to store deeds and wills, schools needing to store coursework and exam papers, and other workplaces that look after important documents. We like this De Raat cabinet as a secure and affordable option.

Protect 50 Bunches of Keys in One Place

Extra Secure Key Cabinet with 50 Hooks – KeySecure – Now £119.00 + VAT

kse50_-_openThis wall-mounted key cabinet is extra secure and solid with a 3mm steel door. It also has a key-retain lock, meaning the cabinet master key cannot be removed when the cabinet is unlocked. Store up to 50 bunches of keys on the height-adjustable racks, and keep them in good order by using the colour-coded and numbered key tags provided.

Hotels and any large buildings with a caretaker or security staff should invest in a secure key cabinet. This one offers good security at a very reasonable price.

What came first? Infant Schools or Cube Lockers?

Steel Cube Locker – Probe – Now £34.00 + VAT

ln-school-cube_11_2These small, cube-shaped lockers measure 460mm on each side. The beauty of these lockers is that they can be bolted together in any arrangement to fit an awkward or unusually-shaped space. The steel construction is strong and impact-resistant, and the colourful doors come with a special anti-bacterial coating that helps to prevent the spread of illnesses around schools or workplaces.

Cube lockers are a good choice for primary schools, or for situations where students only need to store their school bag, a pair of shoes or a pile of books. Ideal for workplaces too! You can mix and match the door colours to create an eye-catching locker area. We’re happy to be able to offer these small and mighty lockers at a discount this month.

Securing Flammable Liquid? Our COSHH Cabinet will help you

Flammable Liquid Storage COSHH Cabinet – Bedford – Now £215.00 + VAT

Flammable Welded COSHH Cabinet
This medium-sized storage cabinet is made from 0.9mm fully welded steel, and includes spillage trays, a sump and warning labels.

You need one of these for storing flammable liquids and materials safely and in line with COSHH guidelines, whether you work on a building site or in a lab. You don’t want to risk spillages, accidental fires, or thefts of these dangerous substances. Bedford makes a range of sizes of these cabinets. For storing a few bottles or canisters, this one is a good option at an affordable price.

Warehouse Owner? Need Floor Mounted Steel Hoop Barrier?

Floor-Mounted Steel Hoop Barrier – Moravia – Now £105.00 + VAT

mo-201-14-228-b_2These steel, 1m square metal barriers come in high-visibility yellow and black. Bolts are available to fix them to the ground.

If you need to secure a temporary workplace or put some collision protection in place, these barriers are a good option for fencing off hazardous areas, machinery, keeping walkways separate and pedestrians safe. They’re heavy duty so not likely to be bent or vandalised – these will last a long time.

Need to Secure Private Land? Try this Barrier

Extending Telescopic Swivel Barrier for Car Parks – ProCity – Now £549.00 + VAT

sp-203190-b_2The advantage of this swinging traffic barrier is that you can adjust the size to cover a 3-5m wide road or entrance. It comes with everything you need to secure a private area or car park: a secure padlock, the post to which you lock the gate closed and another one to support the gate in its open position, bolts to secure the parts to the ground, and reflective strips for night visibility.

The adjustability makes this a good choice of barrier, especially if you need to gate off an unusually-sized entrance. We’re pleased to offer a great discount on this ProCity barrier this month.

Convex Mirrors Give that Extra Protection

Convex Acrylic Security Mirror – Moravia – Now £43.50 + VAT

mo-detecx-a_1_1_3This very hardwearing security mirror is made from toughened, lightweight acrylic with a protective layer, giving you great image quality without the risk of breakage.

It’s a convex security mirror designed for use indoors. Mounted on an appropriate wall, it gives you a wide-angle view of what’s going on behind the aisles in your shop or showroom. Mirrors like these are a simple but effective way of reducing thefts and shoplifting. Choosing an acrylic mirror to avoid the cracks, breakages and weight of a large glass mirror is a superb idea.

Added Peace of Mind from Clip-on Personal Attack Alarm

Clip-on Personal Attack Alarm – Securikey – Now £7.99 + VAT

sk-paecablk_02_2This personal alarm has a few advantages over other models: it’s very hard to activate it accidentally, as you need to press both sides to set it off. The siren is a deafening 120 decibels and can sound for up to 30 minutes. It comes with a robust case, but it’s light enough to be clipped onto a belt, handbag or shirt pocket with the clip provided.

It’s sensible to carry a small personal attack alarm if you work in a risky setting like a hospital or secure facility, or if you just walk home alone at night. This one is small and light enough to easily carry with you and loud enough to frighten off an attacker or summon help.

We hope one of our October Star Buys catches your eye! Spread the word and look out for next month’s offers.