Finding The Right Safe

Protecting the things precious to you is something that just about everyone invests their time and money into. If you want to make sure that everything important to you is protected, then maybe you should look at purchasing a security safe. Whether you’re concerned about monetary items or you’re looking to protect a family heirloom, getting a safe is always a wise idea. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that both mother nature and burglars will actively destroy or steal your belongings, so it is of the utmost importance that you make sure your belongings are safely stored.

Chubbsafes Earth 55 Security Safe Digital Lock

Chubbsafes Earth 55 Security Safe Digital Lock

So you’ve decided you want to purchase a safe – that’s great, but now it’s time to get down to the specifications. There are many different kinds of safes, ranging from fire or water resistant safes to safes with enhanced locks for maximum protection. When making the decision to buy a safe, everything needs to be taken into account, even seemingly unimportant matters such as the thickness of a safe’s walls.

Safe Specifications

One of the most important things to take into consideration for a safe is its size. If you’re going to purchase a small safe, you need to store it somewhere safely and securely. If a burglar steps into your home and takes the safe with him, you still lose your valuables. Not only that, but a portable safe is almost guaranteed to be taken by a criminal even if he cannot immediately crack it. One great solution to protecting your smaller safe is to bolt it into the ground or somewhere else that is moderately safe. No burglar wants to bring power tools on his adventure into your home. If you have a heavier or larger safe, then it is very likely that you won’t have to worry about hiding or bolting your safe down – after all, there’s nothing more difficult than moving an incredibly heavy cube. Bolting down the safe as a precautionary measure is still a good idea however.

It is also of great importance to protect your valuables from mother nature. Whether you experience a fire or a flood, your valuables are still precious and still need protection. There are many safes of varying heat resistance, and if you want optimal protection, make sure you find a safe that can withstand temperatures of 1700 degrees celsius or more. Thankfully, protecting your safe from water is a much easier process – many safes manufactured by Sentry Safe are now are waterproof – but all the same, make sure the safe of your choice has this quality.

One last thing to consider about your safe is how safe it is from being cracked. Some safes are branded as drill-proof, which is one of the prominent methods that many criminals try to access your goods. In addition to buying a safe composed of material that is drill-safe, you might also want to consider the overall size of the interior of the safe. If you want to have a neat, organised interior to your safe, ensure that your purchase includes multiple compartments and padded regions – if a frustrated criminal decides to tip your safe, you don’t want anything damaged!

But how can I be sure that the safe is as secure as I need. Your best assurance is to select a safe that has been independently tested and has either European test certification such as EN14450, EN1143 and EN1047 or American certification such as UL and ETL.

Finding The Best Safes

One of the best places to go in order to purchase a safe is from a specialised safe retailer or a professional locksmith that has a speciality in safes. Going to your typical supermarket to buy a safe is sure to net poor quality and very little technical advice; after all, locksmiths spend most of their days cracking locks and safes so they should be able to tell you exactly how powerful your safe is. When in doubt, look to the experts. Purchasing a safe from a reliable source is the key to protecting your valuables, so if you’re looking to protect the things most precious to you, contact your Online Safe Retailer (Good ones always offer free advice by  telephone  and email) or your local locksmith or specialised store owner today.