Home and business safes are the quintessential security devices for your valuables and sensitive documents.

The location of your safe plays the most significant role in the degree of security it will offer you. However, if you’re under the impression that one single location will thwart thieves, think again. The ideal placement is based on a number of factors including the type of valuables stored, the facility, and space allotment.

Home Safes

Home safes come in a variety of sizes, costs, and features. Items most commonly stored in home safes are jewellery, electronic devices, and small amounts of cash. For that reason, experts advise keeping home safes in the master room, potentially bolted to the floor of the dressing room or in a room within close proximity. If you don’t foresee needing regular access to the contents of the safe, you should keep it in a more remote location like a basement or garage. Ground bolted safes add another dimension of protection to your valuables by preventing burglars from taking the entire unit in one fell swoop.


The size and weight of your safe plays a factor in its location. As a general rule of thumb, safes weighing less than 450kg can be placed on the second floor of a home. But, if the safe weighs over 450kg, they should only be placed on a ground floor in order to preserve the structure of the home.

The Safewell Biometric Home Fingerprint Safe, offered by Safe Options, is an affordable yet high-tech way to keep intruders out. With its biometric fingerprint lock and base fixed support, thieves will have a tough time cracking this one open. The quality fingerprint lock can store up to 20 fingerprints for multi-use, it has two emergency radial pin keys in case you’re locked out, and a fitted shelf to organise your contents. In terms of storage, the suggested cash rating is £1,000 while the valuable’s rating is £10,000. According to Robert’s Ratings, this safe is bronze rated which means that it is an entry level minimum security safe. It does not compete with top-of-the-line safes but offers just the type of protection that a middle class household would need.

Office Safes

According to survey findings published in the UK Commercial Victimisation Survey, there were close to 9.2 million crimes against business premises in 2012 alone. With figures like that, it’s no wonder offices are ramping up their security features. One common model, which may appeal to serviced offices for its convenient in-wall design is the Burton Torino Electronic wall safe. Built with the same technology as the Burton Torino Gold floor safe, this safe comes with an electronic locking pad, 10mm solid steel door, and Robert’s Security Rating of Silver. The suggested cash rating for this safe is £4,000 or £40,000 worth of valuables.

Cash till overnight safes are another formidable choice for businesses which deal heavily in currency transactions. The Chubbsafes Cobra S2 Dual Locking safe, is fire retardant up to 30 minutes, scores Gold on Robert’s Rating and can hold £4,000 cash and £40,000 in valuables. Both of the aforementioned safes would be suitable security features in an office setting.