Feeling secure in your home is imperative, particularly if you have children or an elderly parent.

If you are unsure about what safe to choose for your valuables, read on to put your mind at ease.

The rise of anti-social crime in the UK is alarming, as most of us have heard a horror story or two about youths loitering in residential areas without much purpose. Though burglaries aren’t directly tied to anti-social behaviour and gangs, peace of mind in our home should be a priority. Tucking away your valuables in a safe would at least ensure minimum loss should burglars pay an unexpected visit.

To a lesser extent, the right safe can also protect your valuables in the case of a house fire. In the year 2010-2011 approximately 45,000 fires were registered in the UK, so there is a legitimate concern. However, burglary incidents are far more widespread, with the London metropolitan area recording slightly under 100,000 robberies and the UK registering up to 800,000 burglaries per annum. In any case, this article should help you in choosing the right safe for your home, so that you can sleep peacefully knowing your valuables are hidden from prying eyes.

If your primary concern is an accidental fire, you should consider purchasing a fire safe. There is no such thing as an entirely fireproof safe, but this safe will withstand heat for a considerable amount of time, hence protecting your valuables. This type of safe is particularly useful if you are thinking of storing relevant documents along with other types of valuables, or if you need secure storage for similar materials which are at risk (i.e. art or paintings). Fire safes are built to maintain an internal temperature below 170 degrees so that documents cannot catch fire.

There are various types of fire safes available, from fireboard fire safes to safes with composite cladded firewalls. A proper fire safe built using multiple layers is definitely recommended; while it may not provide the same safety against burglars as a security safe, it is ideal for withstanding fire damage.

security safe is built to especially withstand any damage incurred from drills, crowbars or similar tools used by burglars. Examples would include Luxury safes or Burglary safes built to fit into your floor. These types are easy to install and provide the maximum peace of mind if your main concern is burglary. However, some may be easier to detect by burglars.

If you wish for the maximum security option and have money to invest, then you might consider a hybrid of both fire and security safe. You can get your safe custom-built, though most manufacturers only provide one type. This is due to the building processes of fire and security safes, and it is also to cut material costs. An example of a safe which is both fire resistant and entirely secure from burglars is a special composite-body safe. This can be expensive as the materials include concrete, steel layers and the complex mechanisms of a security safe.

By now you’ve hopefully made your mind up on exactly what you need depending on your circumstances. Just remember, safety first: this type of investment is a one-time expense and will provide peace of mind for years to come.